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  1. FoodSaver Refills

    I use Kitchen Boss from Amazon, they come with a built in cutter.
  2. Anybody Cold Smoke Salmon?

    What are y'all using for your cold smoke setup?
  3. Impotant things going on in Macon

    Maybe if they charged a few bucks to let people audit their classes, we wouldn't be facing a stripper shortage...
  4. Leaf Helper Springs, anyone use these

    These may work for you. Adjustable shackles. PRG also has a lot of other options.
  5. I-16 shut down between Macon and Savannah

    Brings a whole new meaning to ''cum dump''
  6. Your name is what ?!

    Had cat named Rocky, his nickname was Crack Rock. Every now in then he would escape. Neighbors look art you kinda funny and then go back inside when you're hollering "Crack Rock" outside in the middle of the night.
  7. Ford Maverick Pickup

    I love my wife, all 4'-7'' of her and you would't believe all the **** she can pack in a car/truck.
  8. Finally pulled the trigger on a Req Tec.

    I have one and love it. Is it the best grill, no. Is it the best smoker, no. Food tastes much better than a gas grill and it's a whole lot quicker and easier than charcoal. Takes a little getting use to how it cooks and I added the searing grates but, if you're only doing steaks for 2-4 you...
  9. All I wanted was some raggedy ass burritos...

    We went to Krystal Friday afternoon. I needed to pee so my wife dropped me at the door and went on to the drive-thru. Door locked. When we got to the window wa asked, what's up with locked doors. She said no staff, normaly we would have 6-8 people this time of day, today it's just 2 of us, me...
  10. Brunswick stew recipe

    One thing to do is after you dice up what ever meats, put it in small quantities in a chopper or blender for a few seconds. And never use ground beef. All of the meat should have been smoked or at least cooked on the grill.
  11. Today's smoke

    Don't bother the man, he's probably eating.
  12. How would you survive?

    Well if I'm gonna die, its not going to be, nibbled or pecked to death.
  13. Item Relisted! FS Leather flex steel sofa

    Could I get a measurement of both the seat width and outside to outside of the arm rests. Thanks
  14. Caterpillar injector pump

    How about 'induction heat' something like this
  15. Stripped Anderson lower - supporters only

    #. me too
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