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Need help odt! My daughter is in the hospital in Macon


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Jul 6, 2010
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The Pasture @ Stilesboro GA
Sorry for the lack of updates ODT fam. Still without my baby and still no eta for when she'll get to come home. Living on the road stinks too!!! Keep on prayin for her/our family jolly ole ODT, we sure do need it.
If there's anything that I or we or the ODT can do, please let us know. Money? Food/meals? Prayers are happening no matter what. My heart hurts for you all. Mine have both had lengthy stays and when they told us to prepare for the worst, I knew then, they were just people too. God has the final say in our lives and for those who don't believe, its a good time to start reading the Bible cause history does and will repeat itself.
Your daughter will be prayed up to the Almighty Doctor, Doctor Jesus! He will take care of your Baby!
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