I'm confused by some for sale ads


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Oct 2, 2020
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I'm still not sure exactly what a bill of sale, or a peek at a ccw protects a seller from. If god forbid things turned out worst case and a gun you sold was used in a crime I think it only makes things worse. I guess at best it could weed out people who are shady or ineligible to own a gun, but would those documents be that hard to fake, or matter that much if someone was determined to commit a felony?

Think it is a lot better to do what is required of you by the law, and if something goes horrifically wrong you fulfilled your legal duties and leave it there. You really wanna be up in a deposition with some a-hole prosecutor asking why you chose to ask for additional information? I mean, if you felt something was wrong why sell it in the first place? Why not go thru a dealer? How many guns have you sold? Is this a hobby or something you are looking to make money from?

I'm not a lawyer, and maybe this isnt relevant to this issue, but I do know there are times where a person's knowledge or suspicion of an issue, and their unsatisfactory remedies of said issue, make things worse from a liability standpoint than if they just did nothing in the first place. You put out a sign in front of your door warning "slippery stairs" and someone slips and falls on them. Yea you warned them (if they read it), but you also acknowledge you knew of the issue, and chose not to do anything about it.


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Mar 3, 2011
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I was looking at an ad earlier and the rifle looked appealing to me. I was seriously considering contacting the seller but in reading his ad he required a bill of sale. That's not that unusual but then he had the caveat
Name, Drivers License number, address required

I'm sorry, I'll tell you my name, let you look at my drivers license, but you don't need that number and I'm sorry, I'll tell you what town I live in but not going to give you my address. I've got feedback (not a ton but I'm working on it) and have been posting on here for quite a few years. I respect most folks here but I'm, for the most part, not going to invite you to drop in for tea.

Am I being overly picky and paranoid? I give copies of my DL and permit and all that info to the stores for the 4473 but I know where they are and I'll visit them again. I'll visit at the exchange and I'll sit close to you at the M&G but we aren't going to be taking long hot showers together.

Maybe I'm old fashion, maybe I'm just old, but I just don't get it.
Insist on meeting at junior FFL's residence with pictures in front of the house and the seller's vehicle with license plate showing. Seems fair since he is collecting your information.
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