FT ZPAP w/optic, mags, ammo, sling, etc.


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Oct 19, 2012
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Dacula, GA
Here we have a LNIB Zastava M70 ZPAP - w/ chrome lined barrel, 1.5mm receiver, bulged trunion, etc.
This rifle has exactly 20 rounds through it - I shot just to make sure the irons were on, cleaned it, and got the optic for it, and it's been in the safe for a bit.

It has on it, all Zastava factory furniture installed professionally - Serbian red wood handguard, cheese grater gas tube cover, triangle FIXED stock, and Magpul rear grip.
The side mount is Zastava, the sling is magpul with a QD in the buttstock and a Magpul paraclip up front.
The optic is a brand new, only mounted, never fired Primary Arms SLX 3x Gen III prism scope with 7.62x39mm ACSS CQB and ranging reticle (great optics for the money)

Price breakdown is:
ZPAP - $1,150
PA SLX3 Gen III - $290
Zastava scope mount - $100
Magpul sling and swivels - $50
8 Magpul Pmags (two 20 round mags; six 30 round mags (5 still in wrappers)
1 metal surplus 30 rounder
1 metal Serbian bolt hold-open mag 30 rounder
~300 rounds (I can get exact count later today) - about half in boxes, half loose
(so the addition of 10 total mags and ~300 rounds has taken my TV from $1,500 to $1,800 - I do not want to break up this package, this is all or nothing)

Trade value is around $1,800 - I'm mostly looking for a factory AR-10 - Something like a Sig 716i Tread with or without optic (not really interested in a Sig 716 piston), other nice FACTORY AR-10's - Not interested in Anderson, PSA, Del ton, DPMS, etc. - Looking for something on the higher end - my TV of $1,800 for the ZPAP package, cash or kit up or down for trade.

Would also be interested in a NICE factory AR-15, but will need to be nice and not looking for builds - if you wanna offer me a pistol, I don't wanna go under 11.5"
Could also be interested in other tactical style rifle setups, so feel free to offer, but nothing low end.
Feel free to also offer multi gun trades - I'll add cash for the right deal.
I will also trade the Zpap down with cash on your side for a decent AR setup, if you want to make an offer like that.

Any questions, just ask.


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