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  1. Want to Buy Bamboo for projects

    If you are ever in the Social Circle area, give me a shout. I have a pretty large patch of all sizes.
  2. North East GA FS/FT Sig Sauer P229r Enhanced Elite in 357sig. $700 cash!!! Final drop.

    10 or 15 round mags? I keep coming back to this one, B.
  3. Bat used In sex act (big end? Small end?)

    Precisely. Only one bat?
  4. I am Pretty Sure Most of You Had one Of this at Home, Back in the Days

    Yep. I miss waking up to the radio.
  5. North West GA FT Do not miss this SIG TACOPS 1911

    Sub’d in case a cash price is added. Would be a nice companion for my 9mm Tac Ops
  6. Item Relisted! FT Kimber eclipse 10mm

    Man, that’s sharp.
  7. North East GA FS Sig sauer emperor scorpion "Fastback/carry"

    I subscribed to the listing so I can return to it easier.
  8. Item Relisted! FS H&K P30 V3

    Sub'd. Looks spotless.
  9. Is it ever appropriate to hit a woman?

    I agree with Chris Rock:
  10. Item Gone: FS/FT Springfield EMP

    Sub’d. Very nice EMP.
  11. Item Gone: FS H&K VP9

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