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Feedback Profile of DinkyDau

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  2. Thank you for the nanner pudding. It was good seeing you and your bride today. Take care and may God's blessings be with you.

  3. Just another trade with this Great Man!

  4. For me was an Honor to meet with such a great Brother, Great Man! This is what ODT is all about, we meet with guys that are JUST awesome! - A++++

    • Trader
    • OttoMan (144)
    • Jan 28, 2021
  5. Great guy, very professional,would do business with him anytime.

  6. Great guy!

  7. Much appreciated, thanks for helping out!

  8. This guy is a legend. A great asset to the ODT. Thank you!

    • Trader
    • MRH (173)
    • Oct 28, 2020
  9. Always a pleasure. Great guys like this is what makes ODT what it has become.

  10. DD the man, Awesome ODT member, Knows how to make some ones day better,

    • Buyer
    • LARGO9 (60)
    • Oct 26, 2020
  11. Great guy, good meet, as usual. Always wish we had spend more time hanging out!

    • Seller
    • Jeddak (95)
    • Jul 25, 2020
  12. Simply the best. A+++++

  13. AAA+++ Great asset to the ODT

  14. Thank you for this Scar 17 beauty

  15. Thanks for your generous support of our Sniper22 auctions!

  16. Good guy to deal with, as always! Fast payment and great comms.

  17. A gentleman on ODT and anywhere.

  18. Quick and Easy deal. Nice guy to boot!

  19. One of the best Men I know

  20. not often do you encounter someone who's company you truly enjoy upon meeting...what a remarkable and knowlegeable member...surely one of the odt's finest...

  21. An ODT legend, and GREAT guy! Support your local LEO Today! What a thankless job!

    • Trader
    • payneed (136)
    • Sep 30, 2019
  22. Asset to ODT, Thank you sir!

  23. Gentleman like this is what makes ODT fun and a great place to be part of. Deal with total confidence.

  24. Great ODT'r, very flexible, good communication, on time to meet. A+++

  25. Everything went real smooth on my part! I'm sure we'll have other deals. A+

  26. Very nice guy, it was a pleasure meeting you. Thank you sir

  27. Pippa thanks you for the jerky Paw Paw

  28. Phillip is a man of his word and great to buy from!

    • Buyer
    • KrisD (50)
    • May 13, 2019
  29. A great ODT'er. Absolutely would do business again.

  30. A man of his word and a pleasure to deal with. Thank you!

  31. Truly one of the finest men i’ve ever met

  32. Great Customer and a true Friend! Thank you for the continued support.

  33. One of ODT’s best!

  34. Very good man,trade or buy with confedence.

  35. An outstanding ODT gentleman

    • Trader
    • Dingo (5)
    • Jan 24, 2019
  36. Super fast payment, great to deal with. Highly recommend!!! Thanks again

  37. Great quality - patient on the deal. Great ODT'er

  38. Showed up on time and easy to deal with. Deal with confidence.

  39. Enjoyed meeting. Smooth transaction. Great ODTer. Thank you for your service.

    • Buyer
    • gunguy (78)
    • Sep 19, 2018
  40. Extremely easy transaction. Very funny guy !!!

  41. Great guy and very easy to deal with! Thanks Phil!

  42. Dinky Dau is the man

  43. Great deal, and I got to meet one of ODT's finest! An absolute gentleman, and he has an awesome place too! Thanks DD my friend, you'll always be in our prayers!

  44. Always a pleasure to deal with an ODT Legend. Or are you a demi-god, I always get the two confused. A+++ Zoid approved. Thanks again for the pig skins! Awesome and generous of you.

  45. Thank you for your generosity and watching Pippa

  46. One of the most Awesome men on ODT / I consider him a good friend/ Thank you DD

    • Buyer
    • D_Max (115)
    • Sep 8, 2018
  47. perfect condition and most upright trader

  48. Always a pleasure, thank you my friend

  49. One of ODTs top tier members. Glad to have finally met. Very nice man that I hope to engage with in the future.

  50. Super Nice, Easy to deal with and a Smooooooooth transaction. A+++

  51. Another great deal sir. Thank you

  1. He's the Man!! I would not consider using any other...A+A+A+

  2. Great asset to the ODT

  3. Ken and Kendra are great and always a pleasure to do business with!

  4. You Sir! Went above and beyond

  5. Incredible member and an asset to ODT!

    • Trader
    • OttoMan (144)
    • Jan 28, 2021
  6. Good communication and early for the purchase, A+A+A+

  7. A great man with a huge heart,,I am Proud to call him a Brother

  8. I am proud to have such a friend!! He is one heck of a craftmen

    • Seller
    • crippen (119)
    • Nov 10, 2020
  9. Always a pleasure dealing with upstanding members and good friends!!

  10. It's all about putting a smile on!

    • Trader
    • LARGO9 (60)
    • Oct 26, 2020
  11. Always a pleasure doing business with this Gentleman!!!!

    • Seller
    • Jeddak (95)
    • Jul 25, 2020
  12. My pleasure and honor to have such a great friend!! He is the Cream of the Crop on ODT!

  13. Great Guy and alway's a pleasure to see him! A+A+A+

  14. A pleasure doing business with this young lady, deal with comfidence! A+A+A+A+A+A

  15. He is a fine example of Great Member and proud to call him a friend!

  16. I am honored to call Alleycat my Brother He took the helm for Sniper22

  17. Great trader always a pleasure when you can depend on him, my honor!

  18. Great Communication, on time and very nice ODT'er A+

  19. You won't find a better Member on ODT

  20. Great ODT'er the pleasure was mine Thanks for your Service Sir!!