Veteran Medical Care/Insurance


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Mar 25, 2013
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Young Harris
I am VA qualified, but have never used their services... Always hear nightmares about waits and lack of services.
I retired from Coca-Coal and the insurance benefits in retirement were great.... Moved to Medicare earlier this year... And Coca-Cola funds most of my premiums... I will continue to avoid VA.

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May 16, 2016
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Winder, Georgia
I don't qualify for VA care. From what I hear about it, it's a nightmare. My wife's job provides me with private insurance, but I've never been able to get to the deductible, so I pay out of pocket for copays. I'm going to be with Medicare this November, and having her insurance as a backup. I guess the days of walking into a Dr. office or Hospital with a Blue Cross card and walking out without paying anything is long gone. I'm expecting it to get a whole lot worse when this Covid is finally under control and the insurance companies start recovering their losses.
If you have coverage on your wife's plan and Medicare, your wife's plan will still be primary.

If you are getting on Medicare just because you are turning 65, just wait and continue on her plan so long as you are eligible as her dependent. You will just be wasting your money with Medicare that you don't need. I turned 65 in August 2012, and was on my wife's plan, but I didn't "get" Medicare until she retired and "lost" her insurance in January 2015. This saves you over $100/month.....more money for guns and ammo.

Check this to make sure it still works this way.....who knows what those morons in DC might have done since 2015.


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May 18, 2020
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I'm retired Air Force. I have Tricare for Life and Medicare. I'm not eligible for VA.
Sure you are call the Dublin VA ask to speak to the patient rep. They can and will get you seen...My Dad was a 33 year retired 1 SGT a WW2 ,Korean war and Viet Nam veteran and he was eligible for VA care stands so are you call them it can't hurt. A DD214 will get you seen one way or another...Good luck. 478-272-1210 ask for the patient rep and yeah that makes me an Army Brat...(and a.veteran too). Let me know how it.goes...
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