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Aug 21, 2019
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I cut people a little slack, if they have many positive, with only one negative feedback. I can see how sometimes, things go south, in communication or otherwise. I am very reluctant to leave negative feedback, when I see there can be miscommunications.

Sometimes, people THINK they have entered into an agreement. So I try to be very careful how I say things. Most of the times, I am VERY clear about my intentions and offers. We just have to understand, there are some wishy-washy people people in life...even Gun Life! In my opinion, there shouldn't be but the reality is there is. I was raised differently, to honor a verbal agreement. At a gun show, you can spend time really looking at a piece before one makes an offer.

I try not to get a bad gun when purchasing, but you have to keep your wits about you when meeting and take the time to check it over.

At this point, don't feel like anyone has tried to get one over on me with a bad gun, broken or poor product otherwise.

My pet peeve is people who won't hardly tell you their name!? Introductions always started with exchanging names in my younger days. Not so much with the internet nowadays. I realize people like their privacy, but manors is manors.

Caveat emptor

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