THANKSGIVING GIVEAWAY !! "Thank God, My Son is Finally Back Home!!"

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Nov 16, 2016
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Hello Everyone,

First I want to Praise our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ, for answering our prayers and bring our guys & gals back home safely. I want to THANKS, each and everyone of you for taking a moment and praying for their safe return. Surely they went thru all kinds dangerous situation, missiles and rockets attacks as they covered the troop on the ground and at their base; BUT God delivered them all; and after almost 10 months away, He is back home!

Back in December 03, 2020 - I threw a "Giveaway Souvenir; Appreciation for U.S. Army Apache Pilots", right before their deployment. - I posted in there, a brief description of what the Apache Team do. Please refer to it and read some of that description. (Click Here to See the Old Thread)

What a very unique time for these precious Men & Women in Uniform to get back home, right on time for this season of "THANKSGIVING!!" -- And so, with Psalm 100 in mind and in the heart, I am throwing this Giveaway as an Appreciation for your care, prayers and love for our Service Members.

  • Everyone can make one entry (If you're not a supporter, 1st Responders, or Veterans)
  • First Responders, (LEO, Firefighters, EMR, etc): Will drop TWO (P.S. - We have lies detectors here...So, Don't Cheat! ... lol.... bahahahahahaha)
  • Supporters: Also will drop TWO
  • Veterans (Active or Retired): Will have the chance to drop THREE enterings.

  • Will be by a random number generator and drawing will be done November 27 (Saturday, sometime around 2100) and I will post screen shot from the drawing, so you all can see it.
  • Will be a total of 04 WINNERS. (See the sequence for the Prizes...)
  • I will mail them to the winners, if you're too far from me. Otherwise, we can meet and bring it to you!
God bless our Military!
Happy Thanksgiving! Remember to take a moment and THANK The LORD for still letting us have some freedom in this Great Nation, Thanks to Jesus and The American Soldier that died for our Freedom!!

Before listing the prizes I want to share some pictures from the day that Our guys got back . Was some very emotional moments, and the Old Man here got such a dusty eyes, couldn't hold them tears. (Click Here to See the Local TV News report about that day, two weeks ago.)

My Grandkids (WIth the help of Their Mother) made this sign "Outta our way Our Daddy is Home!"

The Captain In Command (My Son) bring the troop into the Ceremony, and to "Pass and Review" or as he shouted out loud to the General "Sir, Main Body 1 of Task Force Wolfpack is Mission Complete."


After they were released, here he is hugging his kids for the first time after almost 10 months away in deployment

PRIZES (Prizes # 02, 03 & 04 All the same.)

01 - HOMEDIC Back Massager - Brand new (Bought last year, never used it..) It has two speed massage moviment and a heat boton. -- A $70.00 Value.


02, 03 & 04 - 01 EVATAC Rescue Knife USA Patriot Edition, PLUS two Shells From the M230 Chain Gun. -- EVATAC Knife a $30.00 Value - The SHELLS: Priceless!!
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