Ruby Spanish World War II pocket pistol issued to the French army

A French 25 War pistol you know the chances are it was either dropped or only used once

  • Pretty cool but can you stipple it.

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  • Yo dude you're going to need much bigger sights and a threaded barrel

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  • A gun made in Spain for the French? Seriously is this a joke

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  • It fits perfectly inside a taco shell

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Dec 13, 2010
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I got this in a trade from a good guy here on the ODT who knew it was a ruby but not much else.
I searched the internet to find one this size and saw a few but they were typically chambered in 32 ACP... and I was told by him it was a 32.

After breaking it down and cleaning the gunk off I've discovered it's a 25 Handmade by the original manufacturer contracted by the French because they couldn't produce enough during pistols to supply their own Army...

Interesting story, as things progressed, in this pistol was originally 32 ACP and larger issued in World War I, the original contractor was so overwhelmed by the volume the French kept pushing up they subcontracted 15 other companies fifteen other companies to produce the pistols for them which typically we're not up to standard nor did they fit the specification they were just hammering these things out up to the tune of 15,000 a month at one time with absolutely no quality control and no interchangeable parts...

Yet the original Spanish contractor stuck to their specification and it was the only consistent production of this pistol...
It's got some pretty darn cool roll marks everything was researchable but now I have this really cool little 25 and it doesn't have any grips. Should I just make a custom set or dig around and guess that the ones I'm going to get will actually be made by this said manufacturer...
Found a nice piece of wood :becky:

And yes my friends that is a nickel finish
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