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Microtech Tupperware party 2.0


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Paynefree is NOT a ninja assassin see the diff.?
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Mar 29, 2013
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We should have a decent spread of food.... Emma and I are gonna grab some bottle water and soda now.
(with that said if you’re a fan-see MF’er and only drink like Voss water, bring your own ****)
Just to be clear they sell beer and wine to go, you can NOT consume it on the property.
They support your right to carry, sometimes they even offer discounts to permit holders.... with that said this is a knife event, NOT gun event.....
Meaning carry as you always do, no need to OC your desert eagle unless you do every day.
If anyone has any questions or is lost give me a call or text 770-755-8600

OK to bring Rudolph to throw "customs" at? :boink: :)
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