Item Gone: FS Milsurp collection cheaper stuff Rifles

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Sep 25, 2021
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Florida city
Item Name: Item Gone: FS Milsurp collection cheaper stuff Rifles


Item is for: Sale Only
Sale Price: 1.00

Willing to Ship: Yes

Bill of Sale Required?: No

Item Description: Lee Enfield 303 $300
K42 Swiss 7.5 mm $400
M38 swedish Mauser Carl Gustav $350
Springfield 1903 A3 1,400
Lithgow 303 rifle 275
Enfield number 4 MK1 $400
M95 Chilean Mauser Ludwig and low Germany $200
I have several military surplus rifles in my collection I will be parting ways with due to tough times I can and will ship to your federal firearms license holder. As long as you pay the shipping
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J. Gore

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Apr 19, 2017
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Decatur, GA
L levardfleming Hello sir could you please post pictures in this thread? I’ve asked you four times in private messages and you have yet to directly respond to that request, a lot of people here need to see the guns you’re attempting to sell before they can move forward with having you ship them to us from out of state. I’m really not trying to hassle you but you said in your initial post that you were happy to send via detailed pictures via email, and it’s now been over two weeks since I first asked you for some of the “K42”.

(For context I just got another PM response asking for my ZIP to estimate shipping, I’m just thinking maybe it’s easier for him to post pics here instead of us all asking repeatedly in PMs?)
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