FS Mossberg 590a1 XS Ghost Ring Sights and Speed Feed Stock

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Jun 11, 2020
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I'm selling a Mossberg 590a1 shotgun. It's very lightly used with maybe about 50 shells put through it. I am the shotgun's original owner, and it spent pretty much its entire life so far sitting in a corner of a room inside my home. It's actually a left-handed version, which the only difference between this and a normal 'right handed' version is that it ejects its shells to the left instead of the right. If you're using a modern, squared-up shooting stance (where the gun and your chest make a 90 degree angle) then this actually doesn't make any difference to the shooter. It hold 8+1 shells of 12 gauge.

Anyways, the gun has XS Ghost Ring sights. These are nice ghost ring sights which are built into a generous picatinny rail for mounting optics (which will likely co-witness due to the height of the ghost ring sights).

Additionally, the shotgun has a speed-feed stock. This stock holds 4 additional shells (2 on each side) that can quickly be pulled from for topping the gun off.

The last thing to mention about the gun is that its forend has 3 sections of picatinny rail (at 3, 6, and 9 o'clock). This would be useful for mounting lights, vertical foregrips, or whatever else you'd want to attach.

I'm asking for $600 FIRM.

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