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May 22, 2014
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Johns Creek Ga
Free Educational Presentations
Presented by
The Urban Survival Center

Saturday April 11 2015

Bass Pro Shops
Discovery Mills Mall Lawrenceville
12pm to 2pm

Georgia Weapons Carry Laws
Kurt Martin, Esq.

Georgia Weapons License Requirements and Regulations
Review of the new laws effective July 2014
Review Use of Deadly force law, Stand your ground law and
Protection of habitation
Questions answered like: what do signs mean? Where can I carry without a license? What are off limit locations?

Situational Awareness/Personal Protection
Dan Cavallaro

Observe, Orient, Decide and Act Methodology
Mental Awareness and States of Mind
Dealing with Fear, Action Plans,
Personal Protection Techniques and Training,

Guest speakers:
Dan Cavallaro:
Urban Survival Center Instructor; NRA Firearms Instructor; Team member,, Team member/Instructor, Advance Protective Services; Firearms Instructor, Johns Creek Indoor Range; Co-author Georgia Weapons Laws Book

Kurt Martin, Esq.: Attorney at law specializing in criminal defense, firearms related cases and NFA Trust,Co-Author, Georgia Weapons Laws Book

Handouts, Free Range time certificates, Bass Pro gift Certificates, Krav Pro Gift Certificates, and promotional items.

Introduction to Krav Maga self defense training programs.
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