Free Ammo (S&W 500) *Closed*


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May 31, 2020
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Robins AFB GA

Going through my storage this weekend, I uncovered some ammo for which I no longer possess a pew for.

The ammo is C.O.P. (Copper Only Projectiles) 275 gr S&W 500 hollow point/lead free rounds. If I remember correctly, this ammo did not like the S&W revolver I had and kept getting stuck in the cylinder, but it did function in the lever action rifle I shot it out of.

I am putting this ammo up free to a good home.

To make this interesting and give others a chance, I would like to open this up to a “Guess how many” style contest.

First person to guess the exact number of rounds receives them. If the exact number has not been guessed by 1800 Eastern on 20 November, the closest guess without going over will receive them.

Please only one guess per member and no editing the comment after it is posted. Any edited comment will disqualify the comment/member.

Please note, I cannot ship this ammo and have a limited range I can travel so you must be able to pick up close to the Warner Robins area.

Lastly, on 14 November, I counted and annotated how many rounds are in both bags combined and took a photo to upload as proof.
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