Federal government getting involved with carry permits.


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Jan 27, 2012
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Fayette Country
See attached article. In PA, the Federal government is getting involved with local government in rescinding carry permits for people found with firearms at TSA airport checkpoints.

If you are dumb enough to 'forget' you have a gun in your carry-on bag or checked (undeclared) luggage, you deserve what happens under applicable statutes. But, I do NOT support the idea of the Federal government being involved in the process of enforcing local/state law.

The article indicates this is for a single county, however I would expect to to see more local government jumping on the bandwagon.



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May 30, 2014
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Alpharetta, GA
If one Government agency or an officer from some department knows that a citizen has committed a disqualifying offense that renders them ineligible to keep their weapons carry permit,
I have no problem with that officer or that agency notifying state authorities who issued the permit in the first place, to give them the opportunity to consider whether they want to revoke it.

I thought Pennsylvania was a "shall issue" state and the process for revoking a license would have to be based on a violation of certain laws, not just any law or rule, and just any act that the issuing agency thinks is an example of poor judgment or carelessness.

So if the feds don't have enough evidence to charge a person with a federal crime for the airport weapons violation, how do they think the state can legally revoke the person's license in a shall-issue state?
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