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Come on out the another ODT M?G and SWAP

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I’m looking to see who is up for a ODT primitive (tent camping) trip in Ball Ground.

My favorite place to go is Ball Ground Dispersed Camping Area. when you get to the top of the mountain where the camping pads are, keep following the service road until it dead ends.

This is a gorgeous area and perfect spot to have a get together off grid! The location is not conducive to going to town everyday to pick up odds and ends if needed. May want to pack what you need for the trip as it will take some time on service roads to get ba

I’ll send directions on how to get to the Ball Ground Dispersed Camping Area I’m referencing.

This would start on a Friday and end on a Sunday, (Feel free to come and go when you need to).

Come one come all! Show up and show out!

*****Who’s coming to camp???????

UPDATE 1) Here are some directions with the ending point all being the same link-up spot.
  1. (Ellijay)
  2. (Eton)
  3. (ATL)
  4. (Ball Field Dispersed Camping area to Sumac WMA Shooting Range)
Note, Click on any link from your location and it will redirect you from your location to the ending point. Ensure you have plenty of gas before coming, Its pretty remote.

UPDATE 2: Let's look at the following dates for OCTOBER- Our own Octoberfest :)

Option 1: 8-10 October 2021
Option 2: 15-17 October 2021
Option 3: 22-24 October 2021

UPDATE 3: Hours of operation for Sumac WMA Shooting Range. (If you want to shoot the info is below)
Wednesday–Monday Sunrise–Sunset
Tuesday 12 p.m.–Sunset
Hunter Services 706-557-3355
Range fees and pass costs
  • Daily: $5/person
  • Annual: $25/person

UPDATE 4: I’ll Close this thread out over the weekend and start a new on with this thread linked to it.

The new thread will bee a Poll/ pole with the dates listed below:

1-3 Oct
8-10 Oct
15-17 Oct

If your interested in coming, please go in and vote as well as reply with alternative dates you may be able to attend if your primary date you chose doesn’t workout.

I am coming regardless of what date is picked.


  • BBQs, Griddles, and open fire cooking. (Bring what ya have). Expect to have some great conversation and fun hanging out with like-minded folks!

Come for one night or come for 2 nights.
  • What you pack/ drive-in, you drive out.
My last trip to ball ground photos:






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