Bullpups? Worth it to get into them?

Bullpups? yay or nay

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Sep 27, 2019
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I like weapons that are compact and work well. Some of it comes from having time behind a 20” AR I know my 8” SBR is much more handy in the house or suburbs where I live.

I’ve never owned a bullpup. I don’t think I’ve ever fired one. But the thought of full length barrel ballistics plus being just a hair over 26” makes me interested. My SBR is just over 30" WITH the can, but that's an 8" barrel and niche caliber. I like the idea of a full 16" barrel slinging 556 or 308.

I know I’ll never get bolt gun accuracy and I don’t plan to hunt or compete with it. but is there any reason I should start looking into these things more seriously? So far the Tavor 95 or whatever looks like it has the most features.

Have read some articles and I know they aren’t ideal for stuff like 3 gun but if I wanted something for HD and wouldn’t imagine speed reloads matter much.

Seems like it could be a good travel/car/truck/house gun.

Jackie Graham

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Oct 16, 2010
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Covington, 30016
I have one. I think they have appeal to certain groups. People like you seem to actually think the process through. Others see that they are limited to the upgrades/gadgets they can stick on them or change out.
IMO, they are just as accurate as most any 16" AR


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Sep 6, 2014
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I have or did have a few of the popular ones. I am a big fan. Some of the benefits of SBR without the paperwork or concerns about where I take it.
PS90 - my fav but not the best time to be getting into 5.7 unless you find a package deal
Tavor - I liked it but really did NOT like cleaning it
MDRX - replaced the Tavor, like this even better and stepped up to 308
AUG - on my watch list, looking for a NATO version. It's an AUG so you know it will be decent.
FS2000 - i like the PS90 so of course I like this. These are hard to get now so not where I would start.
Keltec - I think they have one too, have not tried it.

For your first, the Tavor is probably the easier one to find but if you are buying new then I would go MDRX.


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Dec 10, 2011
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Johns Creek, Georgia
A lot of good feedback here already. A lot of good choices out there but not many readily available. Tavor SAR or X95 are probably more readily available than anything. You can get a new AUG if you hunt (or on Gunbroker). I'd get the NATO version (the only difference being it takes AR mags). I would not recommend KelTec. As stated above, PS90 may be my all time favorite gun but ammo is scarce and expensive.


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Aug 26, 2013
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floyd county
I personally like the Keltec RDB. Short enough to travel in my tennis bag, weight distribution is moved back so it is easy to maneuver especially around corners but still has the 16” barrel in case you need to reach out a little further. Plus having the cases ejected from the bottom keeps trash out of my eyes. But if you really want to have some fun get the KSG 12 gauge with 24 short shells! :0) I don’t want to knock AR pistols though, they are great tools and I practice with both platforms.
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