Ben Stoeger classes @ South River Gun Club


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Nov 1, 2015
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Atlanta, GA
I'm hosting Ben Stoeger at South River Gun Club about 40 minutes east of Atlanta, GA for a series of classes around Halloween. Ben podiumed at the last three IPSC World Shoots, taking the Production win at the most recent one in 2017, has won six USPSA national championships, and teaches internationally. Whatever your application, you're not going to see or get better instruction in straight-up shooting skills.

Email me at with any questions or for sign-up info.

Round count for both is flexible, but you'll be fine with 1k and can shoot more/less based on your personal situation. These classes have always sold out and generated a wait list.

Fundamentals (October 30/31)

This class teaches fundamental shooting skills and their application to USPSA stages, with Ben teaching shooting techniques, assessing each student's performance, and providing personalized feedback and guidance. The class stages and drills will be set up in adjacent bays, and students will have an opportunity to re-shoot both with this feedback in mind. The goal is for each student to leave the course understanding what they need to do to develop their shooting.

Max class size of 12 students.

Skills & Drills (October 28/29 and November 1/2)

This is a how-to-train class geared for students who have a grasp of USPSA fundamentals and are looking to up their game. It will involve alternating between shooting exercises from Practical Shooting Training and running USPSA stages on adjacent pistol bays. Students will have multiple opportunities to shoot each stage with Ben providing feedback between runs.

Max class size of 6 students.
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