Bearded Boarding Axe

C Rex

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Jun 23, 2011
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Acworth, GA
That is awesome!! that had to be a bear to forge/finish.. likely as much work as a full size one!
Got that right! Trick is to get your hits in while it's still hot enough to forge and move. I've modified a couple of small hammers and made up some special small tongs for the forge work. Then it's finish and fit time, getting to be a buggar as my eyes age. Can't make a mistake like you can on a full size and fix it - you're just done. Trying to keep everything dimensionally correct is a pretty big challenge all by itself.

Like making them when I have the time in between the regular work. I've made several hundred over the years. Niche market, but when the right collectors connect they are long time customers. The Lorenzo's over in Milan, Italy have over 200 of my miniatures in their private collection.
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