ATL Area S&W Collectors Meeting


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Jan 20, 2013
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Ashford, AL
I tried to get a Sandy Springs Gun Range but it's closed. Apparently they had a fire and they haven't rebuilt it. The Home Depot is in a central location. If they ask us to leave we will. But we've had at least five of these meetings and only at 1 were we asked to leave. That was at a gun show where the gun show manager didn't want any competition and he had the police run off anybody that was showing guns outside the show. So we just move down the street. I understand this weekend at Easter is a tough one. But generally we only get together when I'm in town and I'm in town for Easter. Not anything stopping you guys for meeting without me. In fact I would appreciate it because you know where to get a good location. I haven't lived in the Atlanta area for 10 years. The places that I used to know are changing. Anyhow, I hope some of you that can come will because I enjoyed meeting everybody.

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