75 Hard mental toughness challenge... all abilities can do it.


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Jun 19, 2020
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Trenton, GA
You look great, and those are great reminders! I recently have been keto since the end of April and have lost about 28 pounds, but I started in 2016 and have lost just over 100 totally. I need to get back in the gym full-time, but my school schedule just hasn't permitted it.


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Dec 13, 2010
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Gwinnett, County GA
not where I should be but further from where I was...
had a bad accident was told walking was not going to be part of my future, in constant pain I was pretty much medicated around the clock. I was working out of the house doing construction take off's. not good for long hours flipping through drawings, specs, and regulations only to end the day immobile in pain and thinking it would be better/more productive/increase profit if a just went back to doing more take offs.
things had to change....
i'painted'a'small rock and everyday I would try to walk to my mailbox and drop the rock when I got as far'as I could. next few weeks, walk to where the rock dropped and take it to the neighbors mailbox... and so on till I made it'around the block.... nothing special here. just like Kman (who is a hell of a guy. you may not be running like him, walking like me, or getting in a pool like 41...
but you CAN be healthier, happier, and better metal focus by doing a little more today than yesterday, maybe a few less beers....
being immobile sucks. it will eventually destroy you

listen to the Kaman, make a plan and at the end of every day look in the mirror and enjoy the progress!
I am still fat old and grey but it beats solitude; and spending more time with doctors than your friends.
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