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4 Openings, South Murray County.

Douglas Crumbly

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Jan 12, 2019
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Just joined this club after looking at it yesterday. Great 800 acre property. Dues 850 a year, only 10 members. Restrictions are 2 bucks, 2 does per member(visitors and family permitted but any harvested deer count towards members total). Bucks to be 115+ with bow, 125+ with rifle. Power line cuts through property. 45 minutes from Acworth area. I asked president about recommending guys and we are looking for honest hunters, respectful of others, and no " brown is down". Mature and ethical. You can camp but there are no hookups of any kind. Pin in system and color codes for stands available to every member and those that are a members primary stands(respecting these primary stands is important as a gentleman) . No really private areas but as I said a gentleman's agreement to not disturb another members primary stand. I will not hunt where others are myself and would never infringe on an area someone has put time and work into. Lots of bears on the property also with occasional hogs. PM me with a brief description and any questions and I will refer and give you contact info for the president. Sorry so long. Thanks

Question. Is this club still looking for new members? I am very familiar with that area, live within an hours drive and would love to hunt there.

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