2nd annual Trout stream meet and greet


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Apr 11, 2011
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Cumming Area
I have to apologize, I arrived at Hikingthehills site ate 08:30 to find all and I mean all, other than the two hot dogs asleep. Well not quite true, one little young lady did look out of the tent and I said hello..Checked up and down the road to the end then came back and found Wes up making a fire. I pushed myself to early from not feeling to well and coming out to enjoy. He had just started to make a fire, I wanted to go to my special spot to get some dinner. As things would have it I stopped by where Biker Bill was at according to Wes and he was gone..If the Popup was their spot at the campground. Went on to my spot, secret that is and found it to be destroyed with blow downs and log jams. Carrying my small cooler full, two rods, and net. Went the 30 yards making my own trail and by the time I got there, I was worn out. I took my Rooster tail 1/8 oz and tossed it next to the second log jam, Bam I was hooked up with a 14 incher,,,.Yes 14. Put him is the cooler and was worn out. As this was going to be a day to remember in not a good way, things went south. A gust of wind came up so hard the the gravel road on the other side of the creek was building with a monster cloud of dust, coming my way. I pulled my hat down and jacket up over my face, and then it happened. I heard a crack as the 50 plus mph wind and dirt hit, A limb from the pine next to me decided to make me it's target. The cracking noise was from it, about 5 inches think and 10 foot plus long greeted my head from I don't know how far above. Lucking part is the hat cushioned the blow my head took. I decided I had gone fishing before my health was up to par..I tried to call Wes and no phone service, it took all I had to make it to the truck. I went home and hated doing it, so many I wanted to meet and spend time with..I look forward to the next time, I want to try one of those Bacon Taco's..Sorry I had to leave!

Holy Cow! What an adventure you had in just a little while!

The wife and I wanted to see the swinging bridge. It seems there's at least 2 ways to get to it and for the first half dozen times we couldn't find either. Well we did find it this time. I met an old friend that's now a scout leader down there and he was heading out with a dozen kids. About the time we left I got hungry again and decided to take the wife to the Sunoco in Morganton for breakfast. We arrived just as the fresh pan of biscuits and fresh sausage and gravy was coming out of the kitchen. We both ate too much, lol.

Yea there were some big fish in the creek, they stocked some monsters. I caught a total of 8 fish and had two 14" fish myself a couple more 12" and probably 4 in the 10 to 12" range. I caught one female with eggs inside her the size of salmon eggs, too bad I hooked her too deep to let her go.

The pop-up was us, boy I really appreciate that little furnace as I get older. I hooked the battery charger to the battery and little Honda generator so we would have heat as long as we needed it. It was pretty cool, I'm sure that's why everyone slept late.

Hope you get to feeling better, I think we'll be out again in May.


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Dec 23, 2011
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Wish I had got a chance to see you, while out fishing I missed y'all and renagadeinjun renagadeinjun . I was hoping to get a chance to see all yall.
Sorry we did not stay ....I had all I needed for cold weather but my little buddy was having issues with his hind legs . He had been hit over a year ago( I had said two years wrong) and lately he has been having trouble walking , we have to get him to the vet. I should not have taken him but as I said he's my little buddy. Glad all had fun ; we will be there on the next one till then you all take care..........It was a long round trip LOL
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