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Jun 1, 2017
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I leased 1750 acres in Northern MO for deer/turkey for 2017 season. Sought after area 15 mi to Iowa border.

If interested, I prefer to be called. Clayton 404-955-9749

65% is planted in corn or soybeans
rolling hills with long hard wood draws
cameras were set out in february and texting me pictures ever since
House available on property to stay in however owner charges extra. I intend to lease the house the entire month of november.

I have 3 members already, I am limiting membership to 8 total. (218 acres/person) Price reflects 8 equal members however I may not fill all spots and eat the rest myself. The lease is paid in full. A copy of the lease can be provided for verification. Upon payment, your name will also be added to lease. Membership is $3000.00 each.

Looking for members that are serious about killing BIG deer. Looking for good quality individuals to join. I do have some loose rules for the betterment of the members. If interested, call to discuss. We are from GA, i'd prefer to fill the membership from a distance to keep and equal hunting environment.

Tags in MO are guaranteed over the counter and reasonable.
rifle season in rut
crossbows legal
black powder season as well
two bucks annually (MO has some stipulations on this however)
Sep-Jan deer season
multiple turkey seasons (not sure of dates as i don't turkey hunt)
I do have some pictures from my visit in February
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