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  1. Looking for a 200-700 acre lease

    Good morning all. I hope everyone is healthy through all this craziness. I am looking for a long term hunting property for a group of close knit guys to build a trophy club. We are looking for 200-700 acres within 2-1/2 hours of atlanta and surrounding counties and will manage members according...
  2. Looking for a family oriented QDM lease $3,500

    I'm looking for a family oriented QDM lease northwest of Atlanta $3,500 Matt (404) 680-3466
  3. Looking for hunting lease

    Am search of land to lease for deer, turkey, hog, and game in general. Have several other potential member who would like to find a piece of property between 500-1000 acres in mid Georgia to lease year round. We are all conservative hunters and are not hell raisers. If anyone has any...
  4. Looking for Hunting Club

    Just got out of a club in Dublin. Me, my brother, and Dad are looking to join a new one. We hunt deer, turkey, dove, and ducks. Looking for somewhere within an hour or two from Walton county. We would need power hook ups for or campers as well. We are not brown and down type hunters. Shoot me...
  5. Looking for Hunting property 2-2-1/2 hours max from ATL

    Looking for Hunting property 2-2-1/2 hours max from ATL. I would like to have a minimum of 100-150 but probably no more than 400 acres for a few close buddies of mine. We are currently in Washington county but would like to be closer if possible, maybe Handcock or closer. We have all necessary...
  6. Looking for Hunting Lease/Club

    I live in SE GA and want to get my children involved in hunting. Please contact me at 770-289-4856 or
  7. Hunting Lease in Central Georgia

    Looking for a hunting lease in central Georgia area. I am flexible and open to anything as far as tract size and rules. I tread lightly when I hunt (no trucks or four wheelers on the property), and I DO NOT subscribe to the "its brown, its down" mindset. Please contact me at: 786-442-4045...
  8. Two Young Hunters looking for lease in Walton/Oconee/Morgan/Greene county

    Me and my twin brother just recently got out of college and are looking for a place to lease on the Walton county side of town. We hunt waterfowl, deer, turkey, dove, hog, etc. Any help would be much appreciated.
  9. Want to Buy  ISO hunting lease or club

    3 guys looking for land lease or club to join in Georgia. We obey all regulations and club rules. Please let me know if anything any one knows about.
  10. Want to Buy  Looking for land lease for 2019/2020 Huntin season

    Looking for 400 to 1000 or so acres in mid Ga to lease. A power pole on the property would be nice but not a requirement. Not trying to start a club, it would just be family huntin the property. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Hunting Lease

    Looking for a hunting lease somewhere in North or Middle Georgia.
  12. Want to Buy  Hunting Lease in Georgia

    A buddy and I are looking for a hunting club or property owner who has spots available for the 2017 hunting season. Within 2 hours of Atlanta would be best but I'm open to anything. Deer is good, but turkey and hogs are a plus. Fishing on the property would be ideal as well. Also being able to...
  13. North Ga Hunting Lease Openings

    Guys I have a 300 acre hunting lease in Villanow Ga that we have managed for the last 6 years. Rolling hills with a mixture of open cut over hardwoods and pines. Lots of acorns produced. A creek snakes through the property. Lots of agriculture surrounds the property. A lot of nice deer are taken...
  14. Experienced Hunter Looking For Club Around Midville GA

    Wanting to join hunting club around Midville or Burke County Ga. Experienced in food plots. Studied with forester out of Wyoming.
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