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hunt club

  1. Hunters seeking land for lease or club

    Looking for 100 to 500 acres for 5 hunters and a couple young kids starting to hunt 5 yrs old so still hunting with Dad, would love to lease the land but will look at a club that is child friendly. We would like to be within 85 miles of Buford Ga, We do have tractors for building food plots and...
  2. Looking for Hunt Club

    I'm looking for a private hunt club for myself, my husband, and our son. Possibly close to Seminole/ Decatur or Early Counties. We follow all hunt club rules, believe in preserving future hunts by not just killing anything to be killing. We come from a previous club in Alabama rules were 6 or...
  3. Want to Buy  Hunting Property

    Looking to LEASE/BUY between 50-300 acres. I would like to find land that is suitable to bow and rifle hunt. Myself and a buddy (Possibly 1 other) are tired of clubs and want to stay somewhat local. Willing to do multiple year lease or purchase. Jackson, Barrow, Morgan, Oconee, Clarke...
  4. Looking For A Hunting Club

    I’m looking for a nice hunting club to join local to Cherokee County. It would be myself and my 14 year old son. If you know somewhere nice then please send me a private message!
  5. Looking for hunt club east middle GA

    I am looking for still hunting club (deer mostly) around Columbia, Richmond, Burke, Jefferson, Mcduffie and Bulloch counties for my son and I.
  6. Want to Buy  PLEASE HELP! 2 guys looking for a hunting club opening.

    My old hunting club land got sold and I am frantically looking for a club to join for me and my buddy. Preferably in northeast Ga. We both live in Woodstock and would like to be 30 min -1 hr from the club. We were paying $550/yr but we are flexible seeing as how it is now the beginning of...
  7. Hunt Club

    Good evening all, I’m looking for a family friendly hunting property. It’s time to get my boy into the outdoors. I’m in the Gainesville area and would love to find something within 20-50 miles. Year round hunting options preferred vs deer only. If you know of somewhere that’s looking for new...
  8. Looking for hunting land Central/North Ga

    looking for around 500 acres north/ central ga. We were in Hancock county but am open to areas north of Macon. Thank you for the help!
  9. I am looking for club

    Single dad looking for place to relax and take daughter occasionally. Like natural setting and the beauty of outdoors more than harvesting. I want to be among conservation minded hunters, although the social aspect of a club is, frankly, far less important than where I am when I am in the...
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