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  1. Want to Buy  Black powder and recurves

    Looking to buy a hawken or similar blackpowder rifle. Precussion or flintlock. Also anyone with a bear recurve bow or long bow like the Montana, Kodiak or Kodiak magnum im interested. PM me with any offers.
  2. Want to Buy  .50 cal and .54 cal Round balls

    hi looking for .50 cal and 54 cal round balls for blackpowder rifle. Would also build round ball molds and melting/casting pot. Thanks for your time. Clp
  3. Want to Buy  Flintlock rifle to shoot.

    hi, looking for a flintlock rifle to shoot.most any caliber, maybe even a smooth boar musket .Most anything that goes along with that period of time, like to try to hunt, and GoPro a video. If your asking 1k, I'm not interested. Thanks for your time. Clp
  4. Help Identify This Flintlock

    Evening y'all. Got this in some stuff when my Grandpa passed in 97. I know it's a wall hanger and have no plans to do anything else with it but I'd sure like to know what it's origins are and how old it may be. Thanks for the investigative work.
  5. Muzzleloader Clubs in Central Georgia

    Hey guys anybody know of any contact information for Blackpowder stuff going on in central Georgia? I tried a couple of websites like NMLRA and other groups but they were old contacts. I'm getting back into muzzleloaders and am looking for clubs and supplies and such. Any help is greatly...
  6. Muzzleloading

    Who would be interested in getting together for a black powder shoot? I just bought my first flintlock. Not a complete newbie to blackpowder. I would love to have some people to shoot it with. Anyone know a good place to shoot a muzzleloader?
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