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  1. Want a Cetme. Or C93 Wanting to trade.

    Is it a Norinco Mak 90?
  2. WTB: tactical shotgun

    I have this n.i.b. 12 gauge. $350 obo
  3. Rem. 870 & Ruger LCR

    not 18.5" , but it does have an extended mag tube. $350 obo
  4. wtb ruger 10/22 barrel

    factory blued barrel. decatur $50. may have a ss barrel for $75. let me know. tim
  5. WTB/WTT Streamlight M3X

    trades added
  6. WTB/WTT Streamlight M3X

    I would like to buy or trade something you want for your m3x that you dont use. I dont want to pay retail or I would buy one elsewhere. Looking for a deal. I also have a lot to trade. I have the following bnib or ln: 12 guage defense ammo. You have to see or or check it out in my other...
  7. WTB DRACO (or trade)

    still looking. missed the one that was just sold. please email me if you have one and need fast cash.
  8. WTB DRACO (or trade)

    I found one and bought it, now I want another one. I can trade you another gun as well, just tell me what you are looking for. email works best.
  9. WTB Draco Pistol 7.62x39. FOUND ONE.

    man it doesnt pay to be doing multiple things....another gun i was looking at went for 146... not a draco. we got our draco for 375.
  10. WTB Draco Pistol 7.62x39. FOUND ONE.

    i'm going to keep an eye on gunbroker. One just sold on there for $146. I'm looking for an older one anyway.
  11. WTB Draco Pistol 7.62x39. FOUND ONE.

    Found one pls delete
  12. I want a glock 26!!!

    check your pm
  13. looking for a glock 26 or 27

    check your pm
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