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  1. Smash mouth football

    Unlike the boring DAWGS/GT game, the Ohio St./Michigan is a real football game.
  2. Holiday Reminder

    Happy Thanksgiving Eve A friendly reminder - as we approach the Winter Holiday Feast period be sure to set your bathroom scales BACK 15 LBS.
  3. Ranch dressing not required

    I’ll just leave this here.
  4. Yesterday was Opening Day for...

    TREERATS Now you can pop as many as you wish until Feb 28, 2022. Pile em up like cord wood. Make Brunswick stew out of em. Put em in a box and mail them to Sleepy Joe.
  5. Blast Off

    Space X will be doing a satellite launch tonight at 2340hrs. Watch it live on their website.
  6. Health Insurance

    My ObammyCare plan is top shelf. Yesterday they sent me a refurbished colorectal test kit.
  7. Happy Birthday

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to @The_ Brit_in_ATL Hope you have a good day.
  8. Great Knife Products

    When I was in Alaska I visited Rod's store and bought several skinning knives for my hunting friends. They are well made and really hold their edge. You can order them on-line, but being there in person is a real treat. Check them out. You'll be glad you did.
  9. X-Large flame thrower required

    A new spider, the four inch long Joro, is now beginning to spread across the Southeast. This devil comes from China. You toy poodles and Chihuahuas are its favorite foods.
  10. The Top 25 AP poll will...

    not have the dawgs in the top 10 when they come out today. UGA does not say WOOF, he says woof .
  11. Translate...

    the French song in the Allstate adv.
  12. YEP

    29 - 9 11 in the 2nd
  13. National Hotdog Day

    Your local QT has FREE hotdogs all day.
  14. Salute

    Went outside at 2130hrs and played TAPS on the pipes to close out D-Day. Y'all rest well.
  15. They don't salute

    Today is National Decency Day. Socialist/DIMocRATS do not observe this day because it would ruin their reputation.
  16. Sunday afternoon project ???

    Question of the DAY: When was the last time you flushed the lawnmower crankcase and put in fresh oil ???
  17. In case you decide to wear a mask...

    The masks being made in India are made on the floor of a hut.
  18. HUNGRY ???

  19. The fattening of America

    With all this hunkering down and less physical activity I am guessing that the U.S. population is going to gain 18lbs./per capita over the long haul. That's 328,953,020 X 18 = 5,921,154,360 lbs. extra. The additional weight that NYC will gain could sink that city into the Hudson River...
  20. Candles on the Cake for...

    @SchmittZoid HAPPY BIRTHDAY Please don't light the candles on your cake in the house.
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