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  1. Do you believe in karma?

    Waiting on the politician smoting to begine.
  2. My First Born Boy 11/18/21

  3. Local food in Conyers

    Been in a lot of places that did.
  4. Chaos in Wisconsin!

    If obammy had a son...
  5. THANKSGIVING GIVEAWAY !! "Thank God, My Son is Finally Back Home!!"

    Congrats, glad your family is back together.
  6. Local food in Conyers

    1955 Sigman Rd NW Ste 101, Conyers, GA 30012-7022 Phone: +1 770 483 5544 Also in Covington.
  7. Newbie in Georgia

  8. Car won’t crank? Maybe you used this mechanic

    Must be too tight enough.
  9. Classical music lovers

    I have done that with rocknroll, once had them turn theirs down to listen to mine. Shocked the **** out of me.
  10. Classical music lovers

    Jazz classical, used on Buggs a lot.
  11. Fred, what’s the blinker fluid temp?

    Need to add a blinker cooler in front of the radiator and headers on the horn.
  12. Anyone on here got a 56 inch waste?

    Shoe repair shop can resize it on the cheap. I had one resized and the buckle changed for 20.00 a couple years ago.
  13. Red dot on a 1911?

  14. When your exhaust shop only has pre-formed pipe in stock

    Headers extraordinaire
  15. A Fiery Giveaway: Part Tree **Winners

    I'm in.
  16. Stain or seal pressure treated deck

    I painted mine with Sherwin Williams deck paint. Several years later still looks good.
  17. Anyone have a Sleep Number bed?

    We have a King without the adjustable base. When we first got it I thought it was not firm enough, compared to the previous mattress. I set it at 100% firm but still tossed and turned like on the old mattress. Tried lowering it to around 70 and now I don't move around very much at all. Back...
  18. Best Mattress for Hot sleepers with back pain?

    I got some cooling sheets from Sheex, made a big difference.
  19. Coweta county late night visitor eaten by dogs

    If Obammy had a son. Such a good boy, he never done nuffin wrong a day in his life.
  20. When commercials did not have to be PC

    I had forgotten the Johnny Seven rifle, I also wanted one real bad. Wanted one of these too.
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