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  1. Smash mouth football

    Unlike the boring DAWGS/GT game, the Ohio St./Michigan is a real football game.
  2. Camping scare stories.

    A Centaur named Bruce.
  3. Holiday Reminder

    Happy Thanksgiving Eve A friendly reminder - as we approach the Winter Holiday Feast period be sure to set your bathroom scales BACK 15 LBS.
  4. Do you believe the deceased try to communicate with us?

    They vote SOCIALIST/DIMocRAT in every election.
  5. Stories of Retailers that impressed

    That 1,000 rounds is now in the delivery person's personal ammo cache.
  6. Think you are having a bad day??

    Early voting has begun.
  7. worth smelling

    Peach yogurt tastes and smells like fine ****
  8. Instagram Self Help Pictures

    #fjb is a PRIME EXAMPLE.
  9. Where are my chips

    Catsup will stain her dress.
  10. Having a bad day?

    Flex Seal will repair the damage.
  11. Fixed the car heater.

    Looks like UN FUN JUN III of NK driving.
  12. Ammo Can Shortage?

    Check with Midway
  13. ...

    Puts a new spin on the term “go soak your head”.
  14. Federal update

  15. The Best Christmas Stocking Stuffers For 2021

    I’m giving generic condoms to my useless eff’n SOCIALIST/DIMocRAT inlaws.
  16. PSA in the news

  17. Eleven People

  18. Putting on her make up

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