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  1. College student (My step Daughter) keeps me from my M1A purchase

    I'm a firm believer in vocational education. I had always wanted to be a machinist but my father was a doctor and I was expected to go to college. I learned nothing of importance as an undergrad except for the experience gained working part time in a sportscar repair shop. I really didn't...
  2. Headline news in Jasper Georgia

    If you can click on the story you can see people's posts.
  3. Headline news in Jasper Georgia

    This link will take you to the front page of this week's newspaper. The comments are great, they sound like what you would expect to find in Outdoors Trader.
  4. And I thought I had a bad day!
  5. ...

    It's a good thing that goats can't talk.
  6. When Do You React

    I hope things never come to the point where they have to come to individuals homes and take things. If that were to happen they definitely would have to take them because I would not willingly give things up my family needed in order to survive.
  7. When Do You React

    In case of an extreme emergency every county has a plan for inventorying all the resources within the county and appropriating anything the county manager feels is needed for the common good. A few years ago the plan for Pickens County was published and it included the ability for the county...
  8. Thoughts on a 2002 Nissan Maxima GXE V6 w 230,000 mi?

    I have a 2002 Nissan Frontier with a 6 cylinder engine. The six cylinder Nissan has a timing belt that must be changed about every sixty to eighty thousand miles. It is an interference engine meaning that if the timing belt breaks valves and pistons meet up. If I'm not mistaken the...
  9. California Democrats are ashamed of what they've got

    It was in California. They are a special kind of crazy out there.
  10. California Democrats are ashamed of what they've got

    Tiny Johnson and Lucy Cooter organized the march.
  11. Metro Atlanta FS/FT Moped for sale

    I had some people come all the way from New Orleans last week to pick one up. It was just a standard one like the one you have and they paid $200 for it. There is a Tomo's group on Facebook that is very active and they are always looking for Tomos mopeds to buy. If you post it for sale on...
  12. California Democrats are ashamed of what they've got
  13. What FLASHLIGHT(S) are you using?

    Several friends of mine who are in law enforcement we're discussing who made the best flashlight. One of them says he loves his McDuffie light. I think I realize why I couldn't find any of those lights for sale.
  14. Prayers for one of our own

    Praying for a swift recovery.
  15. Metro Atlanta FS/FT Moped for sale

    Was 49 cc now is 70cc
  16. Metro Atlanta FS/FT Moped for sale

    True. The state of Georgia defines mopeds as any DOT approved 2 wheel vehicle with an engine of 50cc or less and an automatic transmission. In most other states it will be called a noped, There are currently no true mopeds being manufactured anywhere. Plenty of Chinese scooters tho.
  17. Metro Atlanta FS/FT Moped for sale

    If gas is too expensive and you have to ride a scooter this one will keep you from looking like Peewee Herman.
  18. Solar power

    I have a couple of batteries I assembled with lithium iron phosphate cells from Battery Hookup. The one in the picture is a 25 amp battery assembled in a Harbor Freight plastic ammo can. The ammo can easily carries the battery, the charger, the battery management system, and my yaesu 817 ham...
  19. Metro Atlanta  FS/FT Moped for sale

    Tomos moped for sale. No tag, registration, or insurance needed. Was street legal when I bought it and still is sorta ( large performance cylinder and high compression head added along with tuned exhaust and different front and rear sprockets). Electric and kick start and automatic...
  20. Supply Chain Disruption

    I'm gonna convert to Islam and use my wife's fingers.
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