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  1. You’ve been kidnapped.

    "Free Stuff! Free Stuff! Free Stuff!"
  2. North West GA FS/FT Rare Ruger Mark 2 Target in Stainless Steel with a tapered barrel

    I have a blue one. Very nice pistol!!!
  3. Not open to further replies

    You know what this is all about Ken!!! lol
  4. Not open to further replies

    There are some really deep thoughts right behind these stars, Folks!! Pause.... and think about it!!! :becky::becky::becky::becky:
  5. Not open to further replies

    "Knock... Knock...!!" "Who's there? "Bee..." "Bee Who?" "Be-ware..." hahahahahahaha
  6. The newest Dollar General in town

    What the heck happened her... lol
  7. Surgeon's so-to-be ex-wife has 2nd income

    Breaking News: “Court found out that the Asian doctor has a small dick and wifey was not being assisted…” lol
  8. Surgeon's so-to-be ex-wife has 2nd income

    That’s right…. Maybe will be trans-ladies :becky::becky::becky::becky:
  9. North East GA FS 9mm Ruger LC9s

    THIS ^^^^^ says it all…..
  10. Has Prepping Slowed or Intensified ?

    Dems are fixing a new law to void all currency and that it will be digital and electronic money. So, take note on that…soon, all physical cash under the mattress will be worthless … :noidea::nod::nod::noidea:
  11. I’m finally a Grandpa

    COngratulations. I am part of the club already for about 12 years....
  12. Has Prepping Slowed or Intensified ?

    Here we go again....
  13. 10 guns stolen from vehicle

    A lot of stupidity is overflowing in this story…. Come on somebody!!! Amen!
  14. We will be at the RK Gun Show July 31st-Aug 1st

    What will be the admission fee? + parking...
  15. What's up with Villa Rica?

    They also do love them some "7 Eleven Gas Station"...
  16. ItBeMe does it again...

    Changes to have the truck as a FordFerrari.... lol "You do what you gotta do to have the feel!!"
  17. How hot is it?

    Start the lunch at the sidewalk, and fry some eggs on it...
  18. DHS and FEMA plans. Anybody know about this?

    They have free pass… :cool::cool:

    I may buy another old musket from you… Too many nice stuff that you have Rabbit…. Send me some pricing list so I start breaking the money piggy..lol

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