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  1. Merry CHRISTmas ODT Giveaway! BNIB Sig Romeo Zero

    In, thank you
  2. FS Kids Bikes

  3. Needing a "tire guy".

    You need to fill up those fenders... :boink:
  4. Needing a "tire guy".

    What would you say is the most common wheel size that gives the widest variety in tire sizes? What I'd like is a 40x12.5. I want the height; just not the width. I know: **** in one hand and wish in the other...
  5. Needing a "tire guy".

    Thanks, but apparently no one in the nation can get 37" tires that quick. Fastest I could get them was the end of this week and I couldn't be w/o transportation that long. I did get a set put on there for now. 35" Lion Sport M/Ts. My poor truck looks like it skipped leg day w/ those tiny...
  6. What ammo do you shoot in your Ruger Precision 308?

    Has there been any updates in the last 3.5 years? I just bought a RPR Saturday and need to sight it in soon.
  7. Needing a "tire guy".

    No one keeps anything bigger than a 35 in stock. That's what I am going to have to do. I can't be w/o truck for a week to have 37s shipped.
  8. Needing a "tire guy".

    Ok, now a need new tires has become an emergency. Blew a tire last night and truck sitting at shop. Quickest I can get ANY tire is a week... :doh:
  9. This place used to be a haven for insomniacs

    "He" sounds like a pervy stalker... :boink: :rofl:
  10. Needing a "tire guy".

    I can find them, just looking for cheaper and need other work done as well.
  11. Item Closed: LOOKING for complete rifle/pistol upper

    Thank you, but no thanks.
  12. Who else gets to work 13 hours tonight because of stupid time change??

    Very optimistic thinking. I was sitting at work and both 0100-0200s were pretty much the same.
  13. Who else gets to work 13 hours tonight because of stupid time change??

    It happens occasionally... of course, I'll probably be on days and lose an hour of sleep on the flip side :doh:
  14. Needing a "tire guy".

    Looking for a set of Nitto Mud Grapplers 37x13.50x18 for a decent price. If you have a compete shop, I need shocks and a front end alignment as well. I am in Newnan, so the closer the better.
  15. This place used to be a haven for insomniacs

    There is no pain you are receding (when you are Comfortably Numb...). I was born about 10 years too late to appreciate the great Pink Floyd :(
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