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  1. Freaking smileys ain't working again

  2. Temps right, game on!

    I have …many times but it has been years
  3. Item Gone: FS/FT Anderson/bear creek ar15 $400

    What a time to be alive $400 AR’s….Inflation what Inflation….next .19 a round 9mm
  4. 11/13 Hunt

    300 BO ?
  5. 11/13 Hunt

    10 different does…no bucks…my nerves can’t take it
  6. FS/FT Glock 45 MOS

    Wish I would have waited for the MOS…bought my 45 too quick
  7. 11/6 Hunt

    Couldn’t shoot this one…he identified as a turkey
  8. Conspiracy theory - Razors

    TMI on the sac
  9. 11/6 Hunt

    I had does all morning but no bucks
  10. Be with them till the end

    Our last cat that we had to put down ( Sprinkles ) was at the height of the 1st wave on Covid so only my wife got to go for the final moment but my son, daughter , and myself said our goodbyes and were in the parking lot
  11. Kroger this week is at it again finally

    Was wondering what to cook for this weekend…now I know
  12. CMP Talladega

    It was cold and windy and rainy…great day to shoot
  13. CMP Talladega

    Went to CMP yesterday….spent the whole time on the unknown distance range and had a great time…loved the animal targets and making the vital areas move
  14. Bear climbs tree to gnaw on hunter in deer stand

    Holy &&&& indeed
  15. Favorite armadillo getter

    I believe it’s dead
  16. Awesome Gun Range near Cartersville/Rome

    Shot skeet at Floyd County Wildlife today with my son..We know nothing about shooting skeet …Awesome experience…range master was very patient with us newbies and gave great pointers…great hospitality ..We are looking at joining…
  17. Do you have camo brand loyalty?

    I have been buying mossy oak because they sponsor Dave Owens and I like his videos
  18. Gangsta dropped it??

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