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  1. CNN, true job security

    dude i was like 3, so as far as im concerned they always been ****in liars question......what makes you think mainstream media was ever impartial? perhaps lying to us since day 1
  2. CNN, true job security

    CNN has been and always will be fake news
  3. Where are all the new cars?

    Yai got a super basic ecm in it I suppose
  4. Covid vaccinen.

    so these are the side far wait till you need your upgrade
  5. Where are all the new cars?

    not if the dollar continues to inflate like a mother ****er
  6. Where are all the new cars?

    my 88 chevy is doing great no chips needed
  7. Navy denies NFL opportunity for Midshipman

    **** the NFL and our nations participation in that unamerican platform get rid of army-navy-etc football and spend the money making better soldiers
  8. CTD $9.95 Magpul pmags

    how is someone gonna post a link for cheaper than dirt in the good deals section? op is just trolling obviously
  9. Just realized what my biggest depreciating asset is....

    if you like stocks buy altria or philip morris. 5-8% dividend consistent and big tobacco wont go anywhere if you like crypto algorand and others can give you staking rewards if you want to stuff your money in a mattress for a specific period of time look at Tbills from
  10. Just realized what my biggest depreciating asset is....

    ya but they sure know how to tax the hell out of it
  11. 309 Kids Died of Covid - CDC

    dude, look into it. its way higher than i realized it pathetic
  12. 309 Kids Died of Covid - CDC

    every ****in year too also, leading cause of death in the USA. almost twice as much as heart disease
  13. 309 Kids Died of Covid - CDC

    800,000 abortions every year
  14. Bitcoin anyone? Crypto?

    i turned 11K into 30K in a matter of like 2-4 months get in, get out, enjoy skrilla stock market way too friggen rigged for me. only stocks im holding is my big tobacco (MO, BTI, PM) that gives me good dividends which feed into a DRIP and i dont look at it. folks have made alot of money in...
  15. Bitcoin anyone? Crypto?

  16. Is Hell Endothermic or Exothermic?......

    ya thats pretty good
  17. Spray ceramic wax

    i do mine once a month or so honestly after i wash my truck its easy enough to do and keeps you from having to wash it more often
  18. Spray ceramic wax

    maybe if you want tiny bits of gravel, dirt, and sand embedded in your car IMO
  19. 9mm in stock $24.99/box with janye yellen at the wheel whats to worry!
  20. Spray ceramic wax

    no, this stuff is hydro wax so you apply it wet and dry it off. be sure to read instructions but thats why i used it i had a hard time with mothers and a few of the others so this is pretty much 1) wash car 2) rewet area 3) spray a few spots on the area about to be waxed 4) dry with towel in...
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