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  1. Merry CHRISTmas ODT Giveaway! BNIB Sig Romeo Zero

    I I'm in , Thanks
  2. Vehicle guns, how many have them and leave them in the vehicle

    No, to many stories here on ODT of guns stolen from cars.
  3. College student (My step Daughter) keeps me from my M1A purchase

    My 3 kids cost me and the wife over $90k for all there college , none finished. My Oldest girl went on a Sports n Science Scholarship to Pittsburgh University, and quit after 3yrs, my oldest son went to college for 2yrs then joined the Army and served with the 10th Mountain Division, my youngest...
  4. Tattoo fails…

  5. Tattoo fails…

  6. Tattoo fails…

  7. Tattoo fails…

  8. Tattoo fails…

  9. ODT family support

    I subscribed.
  10. Please pray for my mom . Her name is Gloria .

    I'm Praying for your Mother.
  11. Tattoo fails…

  12. New

    Welcome to ODT!
  13. Welcome my Dad back to the ODT

    Welcome, and Thank You for your Service!
  14. New Member

    Welcome to ODT!
  15. My First Born Boy 11/18/21

  16. My neighbor pushed up a berm for us to shoot (into) on my place

    Nice, we had something like this in Korea , we used it to Zero in our Weapons.
  17. Ammo

    Ammo will always be in Demand to many dumbasses listing to the Democrats about Refund the Police and there is No Crime. Once a person gets wise they start begging for your ammo at 1980 prices.
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