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  1. WTF kimd of bug is this and what is it....

    IT'S A living leaf. Hope u let it go ,so a Garden Spider could eat. or it could re-produce . yea , look's like a Katydid to me. GD
  2. GONE

    I agree , they would be fun to look through & pre 1980 is before my time . I'd grab them from you but i'm buried in 2 decades of gun porn & magazines of many types , I always 'plan' on re reading so many but time just keeps flying by . GL
  3. Item Relisted! FS NIB Chinese Flat back

    120 for both ?
  4. Anybody else noticed that our songs birds are disappearing?

    Bird Decline is real as is [ more so ] Insect , & Reptile & Amphibians in my area . Spring & Summer are nothing like it was during the 1970's & Early 80's when I was a kid . Cept , for more Deer , Hawks , & New Here Armadillos. Bird population is drastic even from neighborhood to hood , &...
  5. Anybody else noticed that our songs birds are disappearing?

    I just put out my Hummer feeder 2 weeks ago , & I don't see much action , but something is drinking it as the level of nectar is dropping but not like last Summer , maybe the activity will pick up in late Summer as they need to fuel up for their flight to S/ Central America . ??
  6. Insomnia cures?

    I had severe insomnia up to age 32 , even drinking I'd be the last one up still ready to party , I was known to stay up 2 days drinking w/o any other drugs . I started ( ..........) in 2003 & can fall asleep at will . I'd say what it is but I'd catch heck from many on here I'm afraid . I'd...
  7. Insomnia cures?

    20 mg Wow , I be a zombie for a week .
  8. Insomnia cures?

    I can take 1 mg of Melatonin or half of one & that works but the added Nightmares / Stressful Dreams are no fun , Again Concerta is a Stimulant right ?
  9. Insomnia cures?

    Funny how a Stimulant during the day will help you sleep at night . Stimulants shut me down while depressants give me energy. Strange brain I have . LOL
  10. Insomnia cures?

    for me the Ambien never really worked well ( but that's me ) even 10 mg . Heck a little sleep walking / Net use would make my life more exciting LOL.
  11. Metro Atlanta FS Glock 19

    G Gone if I read the add right . We missed a good deal IMO .
  12. Any doctors in the house?

    Yea Those who actually need a benzodiazepine drug to actually function (with oversight so abuse or diversion) can be almost impossible to do . PTSD Esp . Will find it dang near impossible to get what they need from a "Shrink ". & That leads many people to buy 'Counterfeit' pills off the street...
  13. Item Relisted! FT 9mm ranger +p+

    Not really , unless I fly the Helicopter, Even when I lived closer Commerce may as well have been / Fair Play SC . Have a great Independence Day.
  14. Item Gone: FS/FT Gun Safe -Winchester Medium Size 26 Rifles or Tons of pistols

    I'd take that right now if you were a tad closer , I may PM you . GD
  15. Item Relisted! FT 9mm ranger +p+

    wish you were closer , if you want PM me yr trade ratio on the 147 fmj .
  16. Want to Buy video camera

    Go Pro 3-8 should work but I know more about Biden's Sex life than I do Cameras. Good Luck
  17. North West GA FS/FT Glock 23 gen4 like new, frying pan finish

    Sweet Early Gen 4 , Very Tempting .
  18. Want to Buy RAW HONEY

    I eat/Drink a Quarter cup or less of honey in Grapefruit Juice Everyday. It has helped with my Stomach Ulcers & I just love natural sweeter , I get it at Publix Or Kroger & I try to get stuff from N GA , It goes quick so Ill bookmark this thread & go grab a gallon sometime to save $ & help my...
  19. Want to Buy Looking for not insanely priced .45 auto

    HST's or Similar ?
  20. The Age Old Debate: TURBO vs SUPERCHARGER

    Boy that is a very fine ride indeed , I just need a " few more Zeros " myself . Thanks & GD
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