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  1. When to buy a car.

    Yes and start putting more money back for when things do stabilized she move up a model.
  2. When to buy a car.

    I am a firm believer in gap insurance for no more than it effect payments. If you trade car in before the loan is paid off 90 percent of the time you are going to be upside down and owe more than it worth. If you drive the car for six months and have an accident the buyer is responsible for the...
  3. When to buy a car.

    It sound like the car market has really went to crap since I was in the business. I was a salesman / Finance manager so I was in on all the tricks of the trade. I have seen it all when it comes to new and used car trade but it sounds we have hit a completely different world when it comes to cars...
  4. North West GA FS Marlin 1895 Lever 45-70

    Does it have the stamp of authenticity. The infamous JM right in front of the reciever on the barrel as you are holding it like you will shoot it look on the left hand side.
  5. Odt, how much are my bowling balls worth?

    My balls are priceless and I keep my own when I go bowling. There sphere shaped things you knock the pins down with vary depending on brand and how much they are interested in your spheres and want to pay for them. I will never let go of my balls.
  6. When to buy a car.

    I never seen one. I believe it's the Honda factory car engines they are building and pumping gobbs of Horse Power out of. Certain ones are very Sought after in the performance community. They will never be a GM LSX in raw torque and HP but in those little rice burners they make quite a combo.
  7. When to buy a car.

    I won't argue with that. I just like Honda engines/ motors. Especially the single cylinder ones. They are smooth, reliable and last a good long time if taken care of.
  8. I like our neighbors when we are camping more than our actual neighbors.

    I usually prefer the primitive campsites as well. However, when the wife goes a designated crapper is mandatory.
  9. Untrusted Traders

    I got a neg once on a 3 AR15 magazine deal. I told him I would call him the next time I went through Marietta to visit my father I would text to meet. Well the next time I went through was the day my father died. We had to prepare the funeral and bring him up here to Virginia because they had...
  10. I like our neighbors when we are camping more than our actual neighbors.

    When I go camping I notice that people are more laid back and are not stand offish like when in the city. Maybe it's because they just know they don't have to go to work the next day and are in a great mood. You are right though, Everytime we go camping we make friends instantly with everyone...
  11. When to buy a car.

    I was in new and used car sales for almost 10 years and I couldn't agree with this statement more. Even with single cylinder generator and pump motors Honda rules. With Toyota being close if not equal to Honda. Even when I was a car salesman and got my car to drive through them ( free demo ) if...
  12. Springfield just released new 1911 for u 1911 fans!

    Springfield's 1911's are highly underrated handguns. Some people just don't get it. You have right the machining is top notch.
  13. Springfield just released new 1911 for u 1911 fans!

    Exactly what I was going to say. Delicious handgun if I say so myself.
  14. North East GA FS Rossi 357 mag 5.5"

    That would look wonderful sitting next to my 3.5 inch 357.in
  15. Have it her way.

    My dad and me went to Martins one morning to get his breakfasts biscuit. There was a young black kid behind the fryer with plastic gloves on. He reaches in his pants and readjust his business right in front of everybody at the counter. I was the only one that didn't eat that day or there ever...
  16. removing a pin & welded muzzle device

    I have had the expensive ones crap out in the middle of a job. So to finish I went over the one off 575 in Kennesaw and got one. I ordered a better one immediately. However the cheap one is still going. Hell half the time I grab that one out of convenience. Harbor Freight has some decent stuff...
  17. removing a pin & welded muzzle device

    You can buy a cheap dremel tool at Harbor Freight for probably 20 bucks or better with coupons. It will suffice for a quick job. Normally I don't cheap out on tools but if you are just going to use it a few times a year it will hold under those loads quite well.
  18. Not open to further replies

    That's the way I feel. That's why when I really want to sell something and get it gone I post on here at a fair price and I usually throw in a little something extra so they are satisfied.
  19. Not open to further replies

    Ain't non of my business either but it sure a good laugh. They can ask 100,000 for a High Point 45. I don't have to buy it not do I want to. I was just wondering what goes on in there head while I am chuckling at the price. I do understand that are items that can hold a 3000 dollar value and...
  20. Pricing is higher than "BEEP"...(rant)

    Taco's. Especially the soft shell, soft shredded chicken at Mexican restaurants. All these eateries have to re-coup lost income from COVID. Hell everyone has to. Everybody stayed in and saved a little money and retailers are taking advantage of the situation.
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