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  1. Brought our little girl home today!

    Happy for you. You are truly blessed.
  2. You’ve been kidnapped.

    There are always great deals on ammo or used Glocks on ODT
  3. You’ve been kidnapped.

    I would like a large order of liver, medium rare with a side side dish of cream spinach and a warm beer and I do not want the home made banana pudding.
  4. Today is the day!

    Great news
  5. The newest Dollar General in town

  6. He's in Jail Now!

    Came home Monday after being gone 2 days, a bear had climbed up on the deck, knocked plants over trying to get to an empty hummingbird feeder. Left its muddy paw prints all over the siding and deck. No more hummingbird feeder.
  7. Today is the day!

  8. For Dingo

    @Dingo A Talking Dog A young jackaroo from outback Queensland goes off to university, but halfway through the semester he has squandered all of his money. He calls home. 'Dad,' he says, 'you won't believe what modern education is developing...they actually have a program here in Brisbane that...
  9. Anyone have an experience with ivermectin?

    Same government that said the Benghazi attack was the because of a video.
  10. Anyone have an experience with ivermectin?

    We are to trust the same government that told us "you can keep your doctor".
  11. Anyone have an experience with ivermectin?

    THE same goverment that allows Pelosi and other idiots to make laws is telling us what shots to take. My money's on the 3rd grader.
  12. Before our white brothers,,,

    The military needs to change the name of the Apache HELO. The bin liden mission was Geronimo. We have Tomahawk missiles. Go figure. Never heard an Indian complain.
  13. Anyone have an experience with ivermectin?

    If so what dosage did you take and did it work? I can't find it on Tractor Supply website but Amazon has it for about $5 a pill.
  14. Before our white brothers,,,

    One of my favorite movies is "The Gods Must Be Crazy". It comes as close to that saying IMHO.
  15. Bug out vehicle

  16. When you hear someone say

    Yes Dear
  17. Stupid signs you’ve seen

  18. Stupid signs you’ve seen

    Biden for President
  19. Living amongst boxes……

    @Dingo Is the housing market as crazy there as it is here?
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