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  1. Gas availability

  2. can we improve FS thread titles?

    if you don't like the price keep moving
  3. Beware the popcorn emoji...

    I didn't call any member stupid...The Op asked if its like Trump and Twitter? Yep it is. But you would know more about the "ban hammer offenses" than most here Don
  4. Beware the popcorn emoji...

    You mean stupid people posting whatever they want on someone else social media site and then complaining about the site moderating them?..Yeah pretty much that's it.
  5. Beware the popcorn emoji...

    The other thread you started that got axed wasn't a signal for you? :pop2: This one gets axed in 3...2..1..
  6. Shortage of everything?

    True..I didnt look at prices but Lowes had so much lumber they are storing it outside covered w tarps.
  7. A visit to a pawn shop and observations on gun and ammo buyers

    Curious?..How much did they pay you for your Gold/Silver?
  8. All Things Magpul?

    Everyone needs a hobby. Glad you found yours.
  9. My county’s Second Amendment Resolution

    Often times by looking at the past a person can predict the future. How many door to door gun seizures have we had so far in 2021..anybody know or have those numbers? What about 2020..all of last year..What was the door to door gun seizure numbers from last year? I will make a pie chart...
  10. NRA

    "Wayne LaPierre’s long-time assistant Millie Hallow “diverted” $40,000 of the group’s funds to pay for her son’s wedding and other personal expenses. Hallow remained employed by the NRA, and was not disciplined for taking the money other than having to pay it back." "LaPierre himself testified...
  11. NRA

    They got $50 out of me one time and then immediately started calling (daily) for more money. And even tho I asked them to stop calling. It continued. About the 3rd week I told them to cancel and just keep their magazine and the $50.
  12. Native giant Walleye found in New River only in Virginia

    Walleye are delicious eating.
  13. NRA

    When the accountant refuses to answer and takes the 5th during the bankruptcy hearing?.. Its pretty clear there is some very real problems how the members contributions have been spent. "Woody Phillips, who was CFO refused to answer almost every question posed to him during a deposition" “I...
  14. Question about criminalizing pistol braces....

    I have decided I wont be following any new gun laws I don't agree with.
  15. Item Gone: FS/FT Colt delta elite 10mm

    Very nice,, and a good price too. GLWS
  16. Target companies and vendors are..... (a new rant)

    I like this line. LoL ..Ive actually used it today..hope you don't mind. Thanks Its just become so darn true when dealing with companies now.
  17. Fascinating conversation at McD's this morning

    Fascinating Story ..Thanks for sharing it.
  18. Moderna Accine Question

    Funniest thing ive noticed, The people who have been vaccinated hardly spend ANY time trying to sell anyone on taking or not taking the shot(s) most of us really couldn't care less what the Anti Vax crowd does either way. But the Anti Vax crowd just go on and on with reasons No one else should...
  19. Describe your self with one word!

    Nonconformist non·con·form·ist noun a person whose behavior or views do not conform to prevailing ideas or practices.
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