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  1. Pricing is higher than "BEEP"...(rant)

    i actually have eaten the increase in costs so far this year. I will need to increase fees this fall as I cannot continue to just eat it. But as always, trading dental work for ammo, toys, and bartering is still on the table.
  2. Pricing is higher than "BEEP"...(rant)

    My labs are running an extra week on regular items that used to take 7-10 business days to get. Supplies and materials are up 15% from 2019 and the quantity of packaging is less than it used it to be. It will likely get much worse before it gets better.
  3. What animal leaves this turd?

    reptile for sure, likely a lizard. The brown is feces, the white is uric acid. The urine in most birds and reptiles is excreted with the feces.
  4. Mikey 3-5-7 Prayers

    Done. Take care of him Ethel.
  5. Clearing the capsized Golden Ray from St. Simon’s channel

    I’ve been watching also. Flew down to see it last summer.
  6. Jeep Grand Cherokee cruise control

    Not in the schematic. There is “servo” which is just a diaphragm that the vac works on, then the diaphragm is connected to a cable that goes back to the throttle. I guess the diaphragm could be bad. I hate just throwing new parts on and trouble shooting that way - waste of money bc you end up...
  7. Daily Driver Porn!

  8. Jeep Grand Cherokee cruise control

    So I bought a 04 WJ yesterday as a knock around vehicle. 100k on the odometer and very good condition. Only issue is cruise. Light will turn on when the on/off switch is depressed but it won’t set and hold speed. I know this is run on vacuum, but after having the passenger side headlight out...
  9. Dental assistant needed

    Problem? That’s the going rate for assisting staff depending on experience. Do you have information you can provide that would prove otherwise? According to all my sources in the business, that is about right, esp when the employer helps with health insurance premiums and matches 401k at 4%...
  10. Dental assistant needed

    16-20 hrs/wk at 17-21 depending on what the individual brings to the table with skill sets and training needed
  11. Dental assistant needed

    Ha! It’s so weird. Feb 2020, I would’ve had 20 replies to job postings, now, I’m lucky to get 1-2.
  12. Dental assistant needed

    Still in search off a dental assistant. Dang hard times for finding folks that want to work - getting very little traction from normal places to look for this position. Prefer some experience. Pay range is 19-25/hr based on experience. Job is in E Cobb. Also looking for a part time front end...
  13. Gas tank varnish

    Update: both are running well! Reed valve was bad in one & I had to re jet the other. My 49cc hogs for the beach house. Will be cruising in style!
  14. Santa Rosa Beach

    Yep. Thats why we go to apalachicola
  15. Mixed feelings, poor animals

    No, and I don’t need anyone else’s opinion to affect mine
  16. Mixed feelings, poor animals

    We are to be good stewards, captivity or not. So long are captive creatures are well cared for, used for education, I’m fine with it.
  17. Another JOB OPENING!!!

    Hello all! I filled the assistant position. For those that know, my former assistant was indeed accepted to dental school, so he makes the 10th young person I have mentored into dental school in the past 12 years! With that said, the business is coming back strong, and I find myself in need...
  18. Want to Buy  182rg or 210

    If anyone knows someone wanting to sell a Cessna 182rg or 210 - send me the info! A Cherokee 6/ Lance or Saratoga is an option also. Basically looking for a heavy hauler.
  19. Item Gone: 2010 Toyota Avalon

    ^ what he said
  20. Gas tank varnish

    I had about 3/4 full jug that was 15yr old; may be why its not working as well as hoped....
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