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  1. Let’s talk Keto

    I have not but my father has several times. He does not go into specifics but says the results come back good.
  2. Let’s talk Keto

    Carnivore is another option to consider. I've been on it since September and it definitely helped to hit my target weight. I got my father to try it as well and we both have migrated to a carne/keto combo that seems to work well for both of us. My dad has lost about 30lbs in 2.5 months with 0...
  3. Well here we go

    Got the day off here in Cherokee with my pops. Still have power but my booty clenches with every gust as we're surrounded by huge trees. Stay safe y'all.
  4. Want to Buy  1st gen Toyota 4runner

    Yep, looking for a fixer upper 1st gen 4runner. I don't care about IFS or straight axle so any year between 1985 to 1989 would work for me. I'm not into rock crawling, just small time offroad and hunting/camping rig. Manual trans only. My only real concern is frame rust. My budget is around...
  5. 2nd AMENDMENT☆☆☆☆

    Tree fiddy all day err day.
  6. Deer rifle ideas and training tips for a small child

    I've got one of these airguns on my wish list. https://www.airforceairguns.com/The-TexanSS-by-AirForce-Airguns-s/136.htm Comes silenced since this isn't technically a firearm. MSRP $1234.95 I am eyeballing the .457 caliber.
  7. To all the Dads advice needed.

    Perhaps a diet change? The ketogenic diet has shown improvements in child behavior, mood and learning disorders. Low carb, 0 sugars and whole foods has done wonders for my anxiety, sleep issues and overall wellbeing plus there are many parents that have seen the benefits in their children...
  8. Hey all, want a fantastic laugh....

    Watch till the end for the explosive finale.
  9. Coffee

    I recently subscribed to BRC coffee club, I started with Silencer smooth and should be getting fit fuel tomorrow to try out. It's pretty good coffee. I like what they stand for and support, so I intend to support them. The only complaints I got are the slow shipping through FedEx and the...
  10. So I was gonna..........

    I think you're better going appendix carry. Tuck it under the gut and have the barrel go down your pant leg. You're damn sure to get some extra attention from the ladies!
  11. First time deer hunter, any advice?

    A neck gaiter would be a solid investment. Keeps bugs and debris from falling into your shirt. Sun protection, good for fishing, ect. If you are gonna splurge on 1 thing, make sure it's footwear. I was wearing Danner boots for years until they started to leak in water. I switched over to a...
  12. So I just tried to put on my KIT and...................

    Man I am having the same problem, but In reverse. I went 0 sugar 0 carb for 45 days and now all mah pants are too large! I needz new britches!! :D
  13. Warrior Poet Gun

    Use promo code WarPoet if ya do. I ordered mine back in May, backorder was about 45 days.
  14. Need scope recommendation

    Big fan of the ACSS Griffin from Primary Arms.
  15. Warrior Poet Gun

    The MR920 WarPoet is pretty awesome. I really don't have anything bad to say about it. It takes a little break in time but can be done without ever shooting the weapon. I haven't put as much range time on it as I would like but what I have done with it has exceeded my expectations. It is now...
  16. Boy got some hot feet!!!

    Reuplaod cause youtube sucks.
  17. Boy got some hot feet!!!

    My favorite rendition.
  18. Carnivore diet?

    A few other things I have done was make my own calcium from egg shells. I boil them to clean them up then bake them dry and put them in a chopper till its powder. I have been sprinkling it on my steaks and adding it to toothpaste. The other thing I have done is get out in the sun, I spend about...
  19. Carnivore diet?

    I have been adjusting my workout into the morning to accommodate my fasting which is usually about 16 hours. Other than some butter tea and MCT oil before my workout and plenty of water. I may try to fast longer as it takes a long while before I feel hungry. Some days I can go about 19 hours...
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