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  1. Upgrade!

    Can't log in..have no sign in or password block to enter the info
  2. How many of you older folks remember these?

    I remember ALL thins and more, I thought all shirts were made from flour sacks when I was a child, drank milk from snuff glasses that were given to us by a neighbor lady that used the stuff, cokes were 5 cents and we would walk the roads and pick up bottles to trade for a coke and candy bar...
  3. Come On People, Remember Our Pets...

    Mine doesn't bark or go crazy, she just places herself between me and the doorway and lays down right at my feet.
  4. Advice needed

    Some things are better unsaid......this is one of those things, keep it to yourself.....
  5. Got some real winners in Putnam County

    He was confused, he thought he was in Portland....
  6. Anyone else tell their family you'll handle the Father's Day gift on your own?

    It's the caring, the visit they make, the time they take to buy something for me they think I need or I'll like or come over and fix dinner for me... What could I possibly buy for myself that could be better than that, the giving of their time to come by and hang out with dad for a while ....
  7. The NC House Passes a Bill to Ban "Squatted" Trucks

    Back in the early 60's a guy in our town had a 1958 Ford that he did that to......didn't work out to well, one night he got too fast and it went airborne with him and sent him toes up...drt..
  8. Are Korean M1 Carbine mags any good?

    I've read that some are I believe the brand is KB or KBI or something like that.... 15 round mags feed better and have less fail to feed isssues....
  9. M&G at SLOPES Roswell 6/12/21 11 am

    Sampler platter.......
  10. M&G at SLOPES Roswell 6/12/21 11 am

    In+Nathan...if I can get him up
  11. Anyone have a job for my 16 yo son?

    Walmart and Target... I have teenage grandkids that work at both 15.00 per hour...pulling orders for pick up or working stock....
  12. M&G JRs Log House,Norcross GA May 22 10 am Noobs are invited

    Yeah kinda worried about finding a parking spot..
  13. M&G JRs Log House,Norcross GA May 22 10 am Noobs are invited

    Don't think I'm on the list so please add me and prob Nathan.....
  14. Ok...caption this

    New Congressional candidate
  15. Help ID Snake

    Garter snake he’s good guy..
  16. What do I do, morally?

    THIS is the answer....I was raised on a farm and we did this more than once and 95% of the time it worked use some gloves so you won't leave your scent on the nest...try to touch only the nest and not the birds directly..
  17. April M&G 4/24/21 11 am.BIGUNS BBQ

    Had a great time...good to see everyone again and meet some new folks...THANKS Dinky Dau and Biker putting it all together !!!!!!!
  18. Is This a King Snake

    Yes it is...good boy....encourage it to stay around,he's your buddy...
  19. Best snake boots for turkey hunting?

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