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  1. Macon food court fight killing

    https://www.foxnews.com/us/georgia-teen-shot-killed-shopping-mall-fight-food-court SMDH :tape2:
  2. What's the best EDC knife for self defense and regular use?

    Craftsman box cutter
  3. Is this the new normal?

    Clear the filters and always hit new posts is what I have been doing
  4. What Is Your Best Childhood Memory? - Mine is...

    I have many great memories from concerts to camping, water skiing to snow skiing, all types of salt and freshwater fishing....etc. Ah the memories! I would have to say I loved going to a year round camper (yes, cold in NW Massachusetts) with all the outdoor activities. Great times
  5. Item Gone: FS 2016 Keystone Passport

    PM sent. I would like more details please. Thanks
  6. I Think I Can Really Relate to This Senior Gentleman Here... lol...

    Teenage Asian stepdaughter
  7. FS Grappling Private

    Clothing and baby oil optional? :D
  8. North West GA FS/FT MSAR Aug

  9. North East GA FT FT FT 2014 Jayco Jayflight 26bh and everything you need to go camping.

    My wife has been talking about getting a tiny house even though she has clothes in three vacate bedrooms. I told her I would be happy to sell the house, buy an acre and plop a trailer on it. This would be perfect!
  10. Last Minutes of July 2021. How Was Your July???

    I thought the next season in Georgia was winter?
  11. Upgrade!

    Sometimes "upgrades" are not really upgrades. Lol
  12. Im back

    Who dis?
  13. RIP

  14. 10 guns stolen from vehicle

    What's his username on ODT?
  15. Coming Soon: Irish Redhead Convention.

    Glad to see the LGBTQ+ community hasn't ruined it yet. :D
  16. Snickers salad anyone ?

    @Droz76 Nobody, and I mean nobody, was expecting to see that! :rolleyes: I gotta party with you Cowboy!
  17. Not your Grandpa's Sportster anymore...

    That is Low Rider and Softtail money. Hard Pass
  18. Snickers salad anyone ?

  19. 2021 picture of the year goes to…

    I wonder if they "stuck the landing"! If not missing teef, a concussion and broken bones.
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