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  1. New from GA

    Greetings from Winder
  2. Today is the day!

  3. Have it her way.

    And I thought only the Big Mac had a special sauce
  4. My wife gets Mad over silly stuff

    You gotta sleep sometime
  5. No shoulder

    Ran across two last week cutting grass on the hunting property Big timbers.
  6. Today is the day!

    Congratulations and best of wishes that everything goes well. Hope you enjoyed your last good nights sleep.
  7. Coming Soon: Irish Redhead Convention.

    That's the things Dreams are made of, or nightmares. Take your pick
  8. I think I'm a racist....

    If that defines a racist then I am in real trouble
  9. FNG in Ft. O

  10. Diet and exercise question.

    As long as you bend at the knees it does if you bend at the waist it is a crunch or sit up
  11. New here

  12. Yes Doc, We Should Skip it This Time!

    Had my yearly physical earlier this month and they checked the prostate with blood work this time. I am having my first colonoscopy on the 13th of August. I am really looking forward to the procedure and the prep said no man ever.
  13. In todays very negative world we need more people like this guy.

    It doesn't get any better than that Thanks for the post

    Went down and cut grass last weekend probably go back down in a few weeks to cut it one more time. All this rain combined with the fertilizer that the paper company dropped last fall has turned parts of the woods where they thinned into a jungle
  15. Growing up in the '60s and '70s...

    Trust me it still happened in the 70's too.
  16. Growing up in the '60s and '70s...

    I prefer tap water, the only time I use bottled water is when I am packing a cooler for a trip. My wife has a friend that will not drink anything but Dasani water.
  17. Remember When

  18. Remember When

    Skylar falling out of orbit was another one
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