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  1. COVID and all the BS vaccinated not vaccinated you'll get or you won't blah blah blah

    So they can vote for papa Xiden and the democrats at the next election for 1,000 Alex?
  2. Odt, how much are my bowling balls worth?

    It was pretty dang hot that day at Ian's and bowling ball fragments were apparently going EVERYWHERE...
  3. WWII Scale model’s

    Great looking work...what is up with all the gold?
  4. When to buy a car.

    From what I've observed - I would say buying later is better than sooner. That being said, flip a coin. Lots to be considered.
  5. Lever Gun Porn

    Love the family history - it's an AMERICAN tradition from generation to generation.
  6. autumn shooting a 10mm

    I said it before about the 10mm but she handles that AR better than about half the men I know...
  7. Odt, how much are my bowling balls worth?

    One thing's for sure. Don't shoot at 'em from 20 yards away with a 5.45x39 AR. Amirite @rOmiLaYu?

    You may be able to find that meet in the M&G section of the forum.
  9. Today is the day!

    Welcome Blake!
  10. Welcome to Atlanta

    Nailed it.
  11. Springfield just released new 1911 for u 1911 fans!

  12. autumn shooting a 10mm

    Holy cow, she handles it better than most men I've seen shoot 10mm! Not to mention the FBI had to ditch it 'cause their agents couldn't handle it.
  13. WTF kimd of bug is this and what is it....

    I'm sure there's a nest full of eggs under your seat somewhere...
  14. Anyone else sick? (Cough, headaches, chills

    Wow. Hope all y'all get to feeling better soon!
  15. Nfa talk.org metering event

    Gonna be HOT but gonna be fun!
  16. Nfa talk.org metering event

    Free? You're singing ODT's favorite tune! Thanks for the heads up!
  17. I’m finally a Grandpa

  18. Today is the day!

    Is our newest member here yet?
  19. For Dingo

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