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  1. Awesome/random picture YOU have taken thread (G RATED ONLY!)

    Love going up to Bell Mountain.... 360 degree views are spectacular
  2. First Job Interview in 10 Years

    I remember when I retired after being with the same employer for 20 years.... When I got ready to interview again, I created a LinkedIn profile and spent a couple $100 to have it professionally written. Helped me a lot Good Luck
  3. First Job Interview in 10 Years

    Good Luck....
  4. Metro Atlanta FS Cheap!!!!!! 1,540 rds of new 7.62x39 $580.00 WOW so cheap!!

    If you place your cursor in the OP's name box, it should expand to show where he is
  5. Metro Atlanta FS Cheap!!!!!! 1,540 rds of new 7.62x39 $580.00 WOW so cheap!!

    Not a bad price in this crazy world we are in these days
  6. FT ZPAP w/optic, mags, ammo, sling, etc.

    Absolutely Agree
  7. Item Gone: FS/FT .

    In today's crazy market.... I like this deal
  8. Veteran Medical Care/Insurance

    I am VA qualified, but have never used their services... Always hear nightmares about waits and lack of services. I retired from Coca-Coal and the insurance benefits in retirement were great.... Moved to Medicare earlier this year... And Coca-Cola funds most of my premiums... I will continue to...
  9. Odds of me seeing my 401k

    I rolled my 401(k) into a Interactive Brokers... Mainly invest in Dividend Growth companies that are undervalued... Sell Put Options to get these at good prices and then sell Covered Calls to enhance the returns,,,,
  10. Awesome/random picture YOU have taken thread (G RATED ONLY!)

    My morning started with this...
  11. Odds of me seeing my 401k

    Back in 2008, all I had was a 401(k) and I never knew to change the investment strategy anyway... Weathered the storm while I slept.
  12. Bitcoin anyone? Crypto?

    Thanks... After about 6 weeks of research, this is exactly the answer I arrived at...
  13. Bitcoin anyone? Crypto?

    Have not visited this thread yet.... Any Crypto Miners here? I was thinking of starting up, but not now with high prices of GPUs and with ETH becoming unable to mine over the next few months
  14. Item Gone: FS Springfield XD-9 4.0

    nice deal
  15. Item Gone: First car for 16 year old daughter

    My dad picked out my first car in 1973... I was 17. I was this 1971 GTO.... Same color and with the 455 .... So it was very fast
  16. $700 AK with free shipping

    Prefer the AK over the AR (have both)...
  17. Site Upgrade - Update 3

    Beautiful.... Thanks for the quick response and fix...
  18. Site Upgrade - Update 3

    This is not a problem, but a Want to Have..... I spend time in "New Posts" I see something I want to look at.. Open it up.... To get back to New Posts, I have to click on "Forums" and then back to New Posts.... Guess I could just use the Back Button.... Thanks
  19. Item Gone: FS 500 rounds 7.62x39 $140

    In todays world, this is a great deal
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