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  1. 10/17 Hunt

    Took the dog out just now and its quite nipply out there. Should be a great morning for hunting. Good luck y'all.
  2. My biggest rack buck

    My honey hole was open on Monday. I was pretty excited to get out there. It was the first time this year. Walked in about 6 and got up in a tree. 11 minutes before legal shooting light I had a doe being chased by a smaller buck come right under my stand. They ran off and the woods was quiet for...
  3. 10/11 Hunt

    Got the holiday off. Putting it to good use. Been in my stand for about 30 minutes now. Almost perfect out this morning. I think my secret is out. I'm in my honey hole spot where I killed the 3 in my avatar. There are 16 people signed into this area. Was 5 or 6 when I started in this spot 10...
  4. 10/9 Hunt

    Who's taking out the smoke pole? About to head in now. Good luck yall.
  5. Item Gone: FS Century Micro Draco

    Micro Draco FS only. Comes with box, docs, 30 rd mag, and 60 rd mag.
  6. Gator Guide Suggestions

    I have a tag for zone 8 and I don't want to blow this. Do any of y'all know a good guide in that area? I need to move on this fast to lock in my dates.
  7. Who got dem gator tags?

    I got one finally. Took 5 damn years. Zone 8. Who else got em?
  8. Kimchi45

    The Man was a legend. Can't stop thinking about him and how good he was for this place. I'm sure I will see him again someday.
  9. Any foundation guys on here?

    I got some beams and jacks put in and decided to get the 20mil moisture barrier while they were at it. It was too humid down there. Well now the humidity is higher. I'm guessing condensation from my HVAC vents and the barrier is trapping it in there. My question is will a good dehumidifier with...
  10. Added a new Family member today.

    Say hello to Freddy. She is such a cutie. Huge shout out to @letusbuyyourcar . Thank you Sir.
  11. Alligator hunting

    I wagered my 4 points in 5, 6, and 8. Anyone have any connections or tips for those ares? I'm getting a tag this year. I can't wait.
  12. Have you ever?

    Knocked down an average size doe then realize it wasn't? The legend died today but I'll own it. I sat in the stand for 4.5 hours and this "doe" came in broadside. Ears up, long snout, no gear I could see. I lined up a good shot and took it. DRT. The problem is that I glanced at the head then...
  13. 10-13 Hunt

    Back at it again. Good luck y'all.
  14. 10-12 Hunt

    Gametime y'all. Walking in in about 30 minutes. Good look to everyone.
  15. Dat Braves bullpen.......

    At it again. This series is going to be ugly.
  16. Hunting goals this year?

    I inherited an old shotty when my Uncle died this year. I want to put meat in the freezer at least once with it. My second goal would be a buck with my crossbow. Dont need to be a wall hanger, just not a babe. My biggest goal is to relax in a tree. Been a hectic year and I need the therapy. What...
  17. Got the boys back!

  18. Memorial Day

    I know summer started and the sales are good but that aint what it's about. You should shed a tear every Memorial Day. I know I do. I lost my Uncle this year and am quite sure I will lose my Father this year too. I wont cry for them Monday. I will cry for those that gave all. Dont thank Veterans...
  19. Need a shotgun guy......

    I just inherited an old sears 12ga pump and I want someone to go through it and make sure it works flawlessly. I'm planning on using it for years to come and I dont really care what the cost is.
  20. Lost my Uncle today

    Robert Snider. He died alone in Tennessee. I love him more than I love my own father. The world became less today. RIP Uncle Bob. I love you and miss you.
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